Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen Review

Admittedly, I bought the Daily Defence Sunscreen from Zelens after hearing glowing reviews from the skincare guru herself, Caroline Hirons. Pretty much anything Caroline says goes straight on my shopping list! Dangerous habit!

Dr Marco Lens, the man behind Zelens, is a surgeon specialising in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as an expert in anti-ageing. He certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to skincare is the founder of the Zelens brand.

The Daily Defence Sunscreen is a UVA and UVB protector. It’s a mid factor sunscreen of SPF 30, so an ideal sunscreen if you’re on holiday, living in a sunny country or spending longer periods exposed to sunlight as well as general day to day protection. However, for £55 retail price (about 310 AED) it’s not something I personally wear every day, not because of the product itself, but purely because of the price factor. BUT, that being said, If I could afford it, this would be my daily sunscreen.

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Zelens Daily Defence SPF 30

 The texture of the cream is so beautiful, not like any other sunscreen I’ve tried. Zelens describe is as a “velvet touch sunscreen” and it really is a lovely feeling sunscreen. I’d describe it as a cream, rather than a lotion as it’s slightly thicker in consistency compared to Benefit’s Dream Screen, or Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Lotion or Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 45. Once on the face, the product spreads evenly and is absorbed quickly, the “velvety touch” makes applying a pleasure. As usual, this would be a last step application, after my usual skin care regimen in the morning. However, if you have normal of even very slightly oilier skin, or you feel that during the summer your skin isn’t as dry, you could get away with not wearing a moisturiser underneath this, and the sunscreen would do a good job of keeping you hydrated.

Ingredients wise, Daily Defence is packed with antioxidants, protecting the skin from free radicals, major plus. There are organic UV filters in the form of silica-based capsules, I’m sure this helps to give the product it’s smooth feel. Vitamins E and C, known for antioxidant, brightening and complexion enhancing properties are also on the ingredients list as well as a heap of botanical extracts (including Echinacea and Green Tea that further assist in strong antioxidant protection for the skin.

I’m really happy with this product, it is on the pricy side but the philosophy behind the brand, the great list of ingredients, feeling and comfort of the product as well as Caroline’s seal of approval make this product totally worthwhile for me. What do you think, is it on your wish list? Have you tried other products from Zelens?

Love, Anisha xo


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