We’ve Started Weaning! Here’s Our Story

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Pretty much all the advice I’ve heard or read says the recommended age to start baby weaning is at 6 months. At this age, the Department of Health and many other experts suggest that babies are ready to digest all the extra solids and nutrients. However, milk for the first year is still the main source of nutrients, so any food being offered in the first year is really all about exploring and learning.

There are two routes to go down, both of which have their own pros and cons and everyone of course has their own opinion on both, these are; Baby Lead Weaning, or, Puree Weaning. Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a method of offering the same food that mummy and daddy are eating (within reason) and allowing the baby to feed and explore for themselves. The Puree route is as it sounds, offering the baby pureed food thats been cooked, steamed or blended. Many mums offer to combine both methods and that also works.

When Baby A turned 6 months, we started weaning. I decided to go down the puree’d food route. Considering all the pros and cons etc etc, for me, I find this route much safer which gives me piece of mind. I’m cooking and blending up fresh fruits and vegetables every day to give my little one the best we can. I’ve also bought some baby snacks and will consider cooked slices of food soon as well as other snacks (rusks and biscuits etc) to offer as finger food, so I guess a little BLW just to help enhance hand eye and mouth coordination. I’m sure its a lot of fun too, so why not, the only thing I worry about is the choking risk, but we’re always watching the baby like a hawk.

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At month 5, I started thinking about all the things I’d need to start out weaning journey. As a first time mum and a total control freak, this was really difficult! I’d done a lot of research and had many conversations with my baby guru, my mum. On top of that, it’s SO difficult to buy everything you want in Dubai, everything that’s raved about online or with a great deal on in other countries is either double or triple the price in the UAE, or just not available. Luckily, my parents had offered to fly over from London and help us with our weaning journey – hoorah. This was also my opportunity to place a (dare I say it.. a £200) order of baby bits online. Amazon prime was my best friend. I’ll be writing a whole post on everything I bought very soon.

It’s been about a month now that we began weaning. Baby A has porridge as his second morning feed (when he wakes up I offer him breastmilk). The porridge is also mixed with breastmilk that I express for him. We switch flavours each day and are rotating between apple and banana currently. For early diner, usually between 5-7pm, we offer him a fruit or veg medley, again this alternates each day. Usually fruit consists of a blend of anything from apples, pears, banana, peach, plum, kiwi, blueberries and mango. Veg can be anything from orange root veg (which I’ve heard are the best to start with) including carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash and pumpkin. We also mix it up with healthy greens like broccoli, runner beans or spinach. Soon I’ll be introducing avocado, apricot and prunes as well as lentils. Not too keen on introducing meat just yet, think I’d rather play it cautious for a while with meat and eggs personally.

I’m so pleased that literally everything we’ve offered has gone down a treat, be it fruit or veg and any combination. The only thing he really did not like is the Strawberry and Raspberry porridge from Ellas Kitchen, I tried twice and there was no having it. It could be too bitty for him or too sour, although he happily has some pretty sour fruit mixes! All in all he’s a great eater 🙂 After each meal we offer a few spoons of water too. I’m slowly starting to introduce the Tomee Tippee Sippee cup too.

Its a big change for me as his mummy, no longer is he my little helpless baby that I could pop on the boob all day and night to comfort and feed him, he’s now a little boy with likes and dislikes! It’s a strange feeling knowing he doesn’t “need me” as much on the breastfeeding front, sad but lovely at the same time, my little boy is growing up. I’m still expressing when I “skip” a breast feed as I don’t want my flow to dwindle down just yet, particularly as we’re mixing his breakfast porridge with my milk and my caregiver feeds him milk when I’m working.

Excited to experience how weaning goes for the next few weeks and months 🙂

Any advice, do let me know!

Love, Anisha xox


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