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Vegan skin care, not something we hear too often about in the industry but one that may well be the next big thing in skincare. With more of us becoming conscious of ingredients in our skin care products, be-it parabens, phthalates or now even mineral oil (one that many of us debate on), I guess its time for chemical-free, organic products to boom.

Whilst some products are Vegan, there are still “natural” ingredients that technically should be avoided when it comes to skincare. For example, Beeswax. Although an animal-made product, and often used for its emulsifying or thickening properties, it’s actually is too thick to be absorbed by the epidermis of the skin which equals clogging of pores and often an uncomfortable residue.

Derma e products are something that have caught my attention. They’re free of parabens, petroleum and other chemical nasties offering a purely natural skincare solution for those that are interested in natural, vegan skin care.

What particularly catches my eye are the products in the Hydration range. I’m always bias to anything that moisturises and hydrates (Admittedly I don’t drink enough water, am out in the sun a lot in Dubai, and, of course, who wants early wrinkles? Not me!). Each of the products in the Hydration range contain Hyaluronic acid to help keep the skin supple, moisturised and soft. Hyaluronic acid is such a great ingredient in skincare for many reasons. Naturally we lose Hyaluronic acid in our bodies as we age, and, when it comes to skincare, HA retains moisture in the skin as well as helping to repair the it, be it from harsh conditions or scarring.

Here’s the night cream I’m hoping to try from the range, there’s also a cleanser, serum, and what looks to be another one to add to my wish list, a spray toner! Yes!

Derma e Hydrating Night Cream

Derma e Hydrating Night Cream

Derma e has now launched in the UAE, so I’m sure my local followers will be happy!

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