“Time Of The Month” Skincare Routine

When it comes to hormones, there’s a big impact on my skin. When it approaches ‘that time of the month’ you’ll almost always notice at least one spot on my chin if not more, the dreaded PERIOD SPOT! I get them every single month, guaranteed. Around the time of my period, I find that my skin becomes more reactive. I’m slightly redder than normal and the PERIOD SPOT (or SPOTS) can often be really painful.

Around the time of menstruation, and just before your period is due, the oil glands in your skin may become more oily due to a natural drop in your estrogen levels and an increase in progesterone levels. So what does this actually mean? Of course it’s different for everyone depending on your hormones and skin type, but with increased oil means increased sebum and thus more chances of clogged pores and the next thing you know, spots.

However, some of you may be reading this and thinking, spots? “No way, my skin always becomes dry before my period” If this is you, then your skin is drying up again because of the drop in estrogen, but this time the drop causing loss of water in your skin which is cause for dryness, flakiness and irritation.

I am certainly of the oilier type during this exact period of the month (see what I did there, ‘period’ 😉 guess I still have my humour) I have to adapt my routine just before and during my period as I find I really need it. Adapting certain products to oil free or to more drying products really helps. Here’s a snapshot of what I like using:

  • A cleanser aimed at oily, acne prone skin. I like using REN’s Clear Calm Cleanser
  • A toner for soothing and calming, this is when my La Roche Posay Serozinc comes in to play or Tea Tree Water
  • Acid toners for the evening, to keep my skin on the acidic PH and fight off any potential new spots
  • Moisturiser. This is in fact one thing I don’t feel I need to change but I might just use less of it.
  • A deep cleansing mask, I either go for Aesop or Omorovicza
Time of The Month Skincare Routine - AD Beauty Blog

Time of The Month Skincare Picks

REN’s Clear Calm Cleanser is a real God send during that time of the month. I don’t use this any other time as I find it a bit too drying and tight, but during that one week, it’s a total saviour and I remember how good it feels on the skin. Aimed at spot prone or oily skin, this clay based cleanser works well at drawing out impurities. I like to keep it on my face a couple of mins (I’ll usually go ahead and brush my teeth or find something else to distract me whilst leaving the product on my skin to get to work). Once I’ve washed off, the skin feels deeply cleansed, especially if you’re period is making you feel a bit groggy, this works amazingly. I find it also dries out any spots really well and my skin loves this stuff when it’s playing up. Every product I’ve tried from REN has been a winner so far, great stuff. P.s no drying effect whatsoever.

I’ve written a separate review of the La Roche Posay Serozinc here. To be honest, I really wanted to love this product and its been raved about for years. BUT, for me, I don’t feel like it really does anything. Perhaps it is better suited to acne and much more iratic skin. As it’s aimed at soothing and calming, I am at my spottiest during my period so I do use this hoping it has some impact. It has Zinc Oxide as one of the main ingredients which is known to calm irritation. To be honest though, it’s not one for me and I’ll not be repurchasing this.

In the evenings, I like cleansing and following up with a few sprays of Tea Tree Water from Lush before I go in with an acid tone. Tea Tree is a natural, antibacterial, anti fungal all around singing and dancing great product. It almost acts like an astringent keeping your skin clear of future spots and fighting off existing ones. It keeps the skin feeling refreshed and is so easy to use. Being Lush, it’s also totally natural so another thumbs up.

Every other day, I always treat my skin to an acid toner of some sort and this doesn’t change during period time. At the moment, I’m switching up between my P50, Pixi Glow Tonic or Alpha Liquid Gold. The one I use the most is the Pixi Glow, it’s also the more affordable. I guess when I’m feeling like I need a bit more attention or deeper treatment, I’ll go for the P50 or Alpha H.

If I’m in the mood, I’ll also use a mask in the evening. During the first couple of days of my period, I’m usually slouched on the sofa in my PJ’s catching up on soaps, so wearing a face mask is easy. I like using Aesop’s Parsley Seed Mask (review here). It’s another clay based product that you can actually see getting to work as it’s left on. It also washes off really smoothly leaving the skin manageably soft. For a much deeper clean, I’ll use my Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask. This stuff is seriously powerful. You can really feel it getting to work, it does tingle very slightly for the first few minutes but absolutely nothing that’s uncomfortable. After removing this mask I do find that any marks are more pronounced and obvious, probably because they’re being targeted with the mask.

I tend to stick with my usual moisturiser during my period and that’s my Clarins Active Day Cream which I’ve been using for months and love. I’ve just bought the Artemis Face Oil from Sunday Riley, this is also aimed at skin that needs a little love, for people that may suffer from redness, acne or just all round ‘confused’ skin. I’ll keep you posted on this one.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the insights in to my ‘time of the month’ skincare! It really is all change from my day to day / weekly products because of the change in hormones and sensitivity / reactiveness of my skin. Damn those periods! What sort of products do you reach for when it comes to skincare during your period? I’d love to hear J

You’ll find me hiding away, in my PJ’s probably finishing up this bar of Dairy Milk in the next couple of hours. Zzzz.

Love, Anisha xox


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