The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated mixes of highly scented, pure oils derived from plants, vegatables, herbs and other ingredients.

Most of us have smelt Lavender in some form before and it often reminds us of a calming time. But remember, there is a big difference between “perfumed” oils and actual “Essential” oils. Lavender is such a common smell for many reasons, namely because it’s usually found in candles, room sprays, cooking as well as for aromatherapy purposes. Perfumed lavender products are generally products that contain a concoction of Lavender fragrances – often used for sprays, candles etc. Whereas Essential Oils are generally pure oils derived straight from the plant itself. The smell is usually a lot stronger depending on it’s extraction, purpose and use.

For essential oil purposes, there are 2 types of Lavender, these being “lavender flower” and “lavender spike” which are usually written in latin upon purchase, both have their own distinct differences in scent (and price!).

Within aromatherapy, Lavender can be used for massage and, or, medicinal purposes. It is known for it’s calming properties and can be mixed in to a massage oil, or bath oil for pure indulgence. As well as this, aromatherapists may often blend Lavender for use on those with headaches, chesty coughs or burns (such as skin burns from the sun or from insects).



For beauty purposes, Lavender can also often be found in serums moisturisers and cleansers. It’s healing and calming properties can also help to sooth the skin as well as it’s scent being relaxing upon application. You may even want to try adding a few drops to your facial steamer for added relaxation.

I really like the smell of lavender, I use a lavender hand cream, have a couple of candles and bath epsom salts. Do you like the smell of lavender, does it relax you and what are your favourite lavender products?

Anisha Dattani


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