Soap & Glory’s Body Washes – Clean Girls, Foam Call, Clean On Me and Whipped Clean

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[title size=”1 to 6″]A review on Soap & Glory’s Clean Girls, Foam Call, Clean On Me & Whipped Cream body washes and shower butters.[/title]

I’m a bit of a newbie to the whole Soap & Glory hype which has been around, there are so many dye hard fans of the brand and it’s easy to see why! Soap &  Glory in the UK is sold in Boots (drugstore) and easy accessible, as well as that there are several regular promotions for various S&G products so it’s easy to try something new and fall in love with another product all over again.

My first purchase was a body wash named “Clean Girls” containing scents of Vanilla and Orchid extracts, it’s super creamy and has a softer creamy smell versus a lot of other fruitier smells, I’ve been using this all winter and not only does it keep my skin soft (it has a built in moisturiser) leaves me smooth and smelling great for the day.

soap & glory clean girls body wash

Soap & Glory Clean Girls Body Wash

Most of you know that S&G have distinct fragrances amongst all their products and OH MY this stuff is just awesomely luxurious. Bought individually, this body wash comes in at £6 at Boots, its slightly higher than a normal body wash but worth the price and will leave you clean and smelling fresh. I’ve used the product every day for about a month and a half now, often showering twice a day, and it’s finally just coming to its end. (As you can see above!)

Having loved Clean Girls so much and slowly becoming a bit of a Soap and Glory groupie, I bought a few more (body washes again). If you want to check our my Boots haul from earlier this month with these and other goodies then check out my link here. There is currently a 3 for 2 across all S&G and I ended up buying Foam Call, Clean On Me and Whipped Clean.

soap & glory body washes

Soap & Glory Body Washes

Isnt the packaging really fun? I cant think of any other bath time product that has the same sort of branding/ fun element.

Foam Call is about £6 on its own and is more of a fruitier fragrance than Clean Girls, but not too OTT. It contains grapeseed, green fig and jungle pomelo (which I dont know about but it must be good!) collectively it has just the right amount of mm without being too much.

Clean On Me is described as more of a clarifying shower gel, at £5.50 it has a softer (but still distinct) fragrance, and also contains body lotion to leave skin baby smooth.

Whipped Clean is a much different kettle of fish all together. It’s a shower butter versus the other body washes. It literally has a thick cream consistency but melts in to the skin once wet. It’s currently selling at £8 individually at Boots. Of the three I really like this product’s luxuriousness and the way it leaves my skin feeling, BUT I must admit the fragrance still needs to grow on me. It’s more of a nuttier smell, rightly so as it contains sweet almond, macadamia, cocoa, shea butter and pistachio oils and fragrances. It’s nice but I think definetely a Marmite sort of product.

What are your favourite products by Soap and Glory? I’m definetely sold in to the body washes but would love your opinion on your favourite products to check out?


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