Sleepyhead Deluxe Review & Experience With My Son

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This review has been quite a while coming as I’ve been wanting to give a fair and honest review of the much loved, raved about Sleepyhead Deluxe.

Sleep for new mums and newborns is notoriously difficult. No real routine, mummy’s just gone through 9 months of pregnancy, potentially a difficult birth, possible feeding complications etc etc. AND, to top it off, the little one doesn’t want to sleep. Nightmare.

Month 1 for us was challenging, Baby A was born by c-section, being my first child and him being born by caesarean made the whole experience pretty nerve-racking and painful. I’ve linked to my experiences here, but in short, anything that could provide me with more comfort and ease, whilst keeping my little one happy and healthy was a winner. I’d invested in breastfeeding essentials, so feeding was getting a little easier, the next thing was sleep.

The first month with my Little One was tough, as well as recovering from the op and learning how to breastfeed, my son was awake through out the night pretty much every hour, hour and a half. In between, it also took quite some time to get him back to sleep, I needed help and a way to keep both of us better rested. Of course, OF COURSE, in hindsight, this is typical newborn behaviour, but nevertheless, I needed assistance.

I did some research and found out about the Sleepyhead Deluxe and instantly wanted to try it out. The Sleepyhead is a multifunctional pod for babies to sleep in (well, that’s it’s primary purpose). It’s raved about globally by mums everywhere and it’s clear to see why. By mimicking the feeling of being “snugged” it allows the baby to feel safe and comfortable as if it were laying in mummy’s arms or in the womb.

The Sleepyhead Deluxe AD Beauty Blog

The Sleepyhead Deluxe

The material used has gone through rigorous testing for safety and comfort. It’s totally breathable, so no worrying about the safety of your child when he/she is sleeping. The supporting sides make baby feel safe during sleep but not only that, it provides mums and carers with peace of mind when the baby is also playing. We bought a play-gym for my son when he was about 10 weeks. He’s far too young for us to feel happy about laying him on our tiled floor, so instead we lay him inside his Sleepyhead and placed the Sleepyhead in his gym so he can play and lounge whilst learning about new colours and sounds comfortably.

Sleepyhead Multipurpose Use

Sleepyhead Multipurpose Use

Given it’s portability, you could even transport the Sleepyhead from crib to cot without your little one feeling to lost in the transition process. When I visited London last month I took the Sleepyhead along with me. There were many things I couldn’t fit in my allowance and things I was in 2 minds about taking, the Sleepyhead wasn’t one of them. Baby and I were hooked and totally sold in from Day 1. The Sleepyhead wouldn’t fit in our suitcase, so I took it on the flight between Dubai and London as part of my hand luggage. It actually turned out that my son wouldn’t settle in the airplane bassinet, so instead I took out his Sleepyhead and he fell straight asleep! Miracle. When I got back to London we used it straight away for him to nap on the sofa in, as well as in his new crib. No fuss, no worry and nothing too new for him to get used to.

Some evenings or weekend mornings my husband and I also put the Sleepyhead and our son in between us on the bed for some co-sleeping time or just playtime as a family, it works perfectly. The baby is happy and safe, no rolling around, and we’re all able to bond and relax together.

My son is now just over 4 months old and we’ve been using the Sleepyhead Deluxe for about 3 months, day and night. The same day I bought my Sleepyhead was the first time my newborn slept a good3 hours straight. I absolutely would recommend this to all parents not only for sleeping, but for playing, transporting, lounging, tummy time, the benefits are endless. Most of all, I love the fact that it’s totally safe, it makes me feel better as a mother knowing that my little one is secure.

If you’re in two minds, don’t be. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed and your little one will be so much happier, mine certainly was 🙂

Love, Anisha xox


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