Sachajuan Hair After The Sun Review

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Sachajuan is a haircare brand created by top renowned hair stylists. It’s a Swedish brand that’s available in many parts of the world now recently including the UAE. I was happy to get my hands on the “Hair After The Sun” styling, heat-caring product and wanted to share my thoughts with you as part of my Sun Skincare Series (check out all of the sun skincare posts here).

Now first things first, this is a hair product and not skincare. However, so many of us are negligent to protecting our hair from the sun and harsh UV rays or even basic heat damage from driers, straighteners or tongs. If you’re hair is being exposed to heat of any sort, you’ll probably find it being really dry, overly hard to handle, frizzy, prone to breakage and generally lack lustre and craving some tlc. You should be looking out for heat protectant sprays, shampoos, leave in conditioners and styling products which is where “Hair After The Sun” comes in.


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Sachajuan Hair After The Sun

Like the name suggests, this product is for use after your  hair has been exposed to the sun. It contains a special hair soothing technology that aids in repairing any of the dryness and damage the sun has had on your hair. It almost feels like a leave in conditioner, as a cream but one that you can carry round with you and not just use after you’ve washed your hair. You could use this after showering and washing your hair and leaving it in, or take it along with you to the beach or for any outdoor activities. I took this with me after going for a swim outdoors yesterday, my hair dries so quickly in the Dubai heat (currently 43C, ouch) so this was a god send for keeping away frizz and helping with a boost of moisture.

The packaging comes in a slim easy to travel with tube. The consistency of the product is really thin, not runny but thin enough to be easily absorbed. It smells absolutely divine and instantly reminds me of easy, summer time scents. In the UK, it’s only available at select salons and retailers and online only through sites such as FeelUnique. In Dubai it’s available at Bloomingdales and Harvey Nicols and retails for AED 120.

If you’re on the lookout for a styling product that also works to restore and repair hair thats been damaged by the sun, is easy to travel with and smells absolutely gorgeous, this one’s definitely a winner.

Love, Anisha xox


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