Rimmel’s Nude Collection by Kate Moss

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I adore Kate’s Rimmel lipsticks, I have a couple of shades from the permanent collection and was excited to hear about the new Nudes Collection just releasing this November in Dubai. Initially I must admit, I am a bit more wary of nudes versus a colour collection, simply because what is “nude” on you may not be “nude” on me, and everyone is different, it varies by shading. However, after reading the press releases and learning more about the collection, it really seems like Rimmel and Kate have put their thinking caps on with solutions for exactly this concern.

For this collection, I wanted to go back to basics, so I have designed a perfect palette of nudes to suit everyone. I think we’ve truly got a shade for every Rimmel girl.

Quote from Kate Moss particularly for this range.

Rimmel's Nude Collection - Kate Moss

Rimmel’s Nude Collection – Kate Moss


The collection includes 5 shades, all ranging in nudes with some more pink, and others more brown, as well as a moisturising lip balm, in a lipstick bullet form (which I also LOVE).

I have the shade 042 as well as the moisturising lip balm. They have the typical Rimmel scent to them which I enjoy, if you haven’t tried these before its a really soft but creamy scent. The shade I have is also perfect for day to evening, as well as with a classic smokey eye look (nothing better than pairing this with a nude lip) so I’ve been really impressed.

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection

The lipsticks are out now in the region and are priced at AED 42 each and AED 25 for the lip balm.

Go give them a try in store, I’m sure there’s something to suit everyone!

Love, Anisha xo


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