Pregnancy: Weeks 33, 34 & 35

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As I approach the end of my 35th week and look back at the last 3 weeks they somehow have felt “slower”. Baby boy is now about 20 inches and comparable to a honeydew melon – that’s big! Babies at this stage weigh in at about 5 pounds and boy does it feel heavy.

The increase in baby’s weight has no doubt has an uncomfortable impact on me. I don’t think I’ve slept through a night in what feel’s like months (more so because of the bathroom trips) but these days I just can’t get in and out of bed or turn from side to side. I feel guilty laying on my back but then pelvic pressure combined with swollen & weak feet (Edema) makes turning in bed really difficult.

Edema can strike from anywhere in your week 20’s, I found I had some mild swelling after a long day at work a few weeks back but week 35 hit and BAM, my feet have been swollen the majority of the week. I know it’s really common and keeping your legs and feet elevated should help. I’ve found it does but it really takes a long time to go down. A strong massage from the husband also helps. At night when I’m having to wake up to literally take 3-4 steps to the bathroom this can take forever. My lower back and pelvis really ache, my legs feel like jelly and my swollen cankles feel useless. Not fun. I find myself half awake and holding on to my en-suite door frame to guide me to the loo and back again.

Last week I had another doctor’s appointment and all is progressing well 🙂 I also had to have my first internal exam which I was absolutely petrified about but in the end it was only just a few minutes long whilst the doctor measured the length and width of my cervix. More on that in another post! I have my next scan in another couple of weeks, can’t believe I’ll be almost full term by then! Scary but super exciting 🙂

Not the happiest post this time but 100% honest, here’s to a (hopefully) more bearable last few weeks!

Love, Anisha xox



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