Pregnancy: Weeks 30, 31 and 32

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After a sluggish week 27, our mini baby moon to Abu Dhabi & Oman made weeks 30 & 31 fly past. Pure relaxation and a happy, healthy bump (Full update here).

During weeks 30-32, baby boy has grown to the size of a large cabbage and the length of a bunch of leeks. Strange thought hey? The realisation that I’m already in week’s 30+ is scary enough, countdown has certainly begun.

Weeks 30-32 continue to be a period of rapid brain development. Bones are hardening, the baby is able to distinguish between night and day through light changes and is able to see. As the baby grows, the ratio between baby : amniotic fluid changes and I’m able to feel a LOT more of the babies’ movements. Twists, turns, rolls, hiccups, the lot. It’s a lovely feeling but admittedly quite often a little painful. Sometimes I become apprehensive after any painful punch or kick waiting for the next one. I would still say my baby moves a lot more in the evenings, although more recently he’s been really active during the day, but that could also be back to the baby:fluid ratio and me just being able to feel him a lot more during the day.

We had a really great (but pretty quiet!) Christmas! Just spent quality time together and with close friends. Like my top? We had to wear red to my friend’s dinner party 🙂

30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant

Body wise I’ve been expecting distinct changes in my breasts and wary of “colostrum” – baby milk. I’ve been reading up about breast pads but haven’t bought any yet. Luckily I haven’t noticed any leaking or really any major changes during these couple of weeks. Swelling of my feet has been making a return, more so in the evenings but not so bad as weeks 25-27. It’s bearable. Although the other day I wore trainers to work and had to slip them off during the day as they suddenly became really tight. Back to flip flops the next day. Another wonder of living in Dubai and in the sunshine, if I was in London commuting and working in January I’m not sure how Id cope with comfortable shoes! What a headache.

This was also a key period when walking after 10 minutes suddenly became absolutely exhausting. Weekends have become a little boring as I’m just not able to walk or shop after just a few minutes, hubby’s constantly having to find me a seat or… a toilet! Peeing is crazy. I’m worried about where to go out just thinking about where I can pee. Last night I’m sure I was up 7 times. Whilst feeling tired after just a few minutes, any longer than that and I’m in pain. It feels as though all the muscles below and around the under side of the bump, as well as my hips, bum and legs are just so achey. SO SO achey. When I get to that stage after not listening to my body after the first 10 mins, it’s a nightmare. I would sit anywhere or move slower than a tortoise. I’m finding I’m having to say no to friends or social commitments at the moment as I know I’ll be knackered. I hope some of my energy comes back, but I also see it as a way of my body telling me to slow down. Is it too early to be feeling this? Will keep you updated.

Love, Anisha xox


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