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Week 27 marked the re-start of getting up to pee in the night between 3-5 times. This disappeared for a good few weeks previously and I was able to get an OK-ish night’s sleep. Now my bump is so much bigger and peeing is back, I’m missing sleep 🙁 let’s not even get started on which side you should be sleeping on and if the baby’s being squashed?

As the baby is getting bigger, the bladder becomes more and more compressed. I find at night (when he wiggles a lot more) that the more movement = more peeing,. There have been some nights where I’ve only gotten up once or twice, bliss. My poor husband, he wakes up each time too! I’m pretty sure the getting up to pee will last right up to delivery now, given the growing in size.

At 27-29 weeks in, babies are the size of a Winter Squash (around 17cm). At each scan, I’ve measured right on track, and my fears of having a super large baby are well under control (my hubby was over 9lbs so it’s always at the back of my mind!).

In other news, my feet had started to swell up every single evening over week 27. It was always at night once I got home from work (I have an office job that doesn’t involve much movement). I always get home and put my legs up for a while, in the hope that keeping them elevated helps to ease the swelling around my ankles. However, sometimes they’re even puffy in the morning after sleep, so I’m not sure laying down or having my feet up is helping 100%, my mum recommended to cut down on salt, which I’m trying where possible. In addition, I started to feel really dizzy if I lie down to quickly or get up to quick. I have to sit still for a good couple of minutes to let the dizziness pass, it’s not a great feeling at all. I’d also gotten leg cramps one morning that woke me up from the sudden shooting pain one morning, I jumped out of bed on to the cold tiles and stood straight, this helped but then got me worrying about cramps :(. There were also a couple of nights where soon after I’d try to sleep, I’d suffer from indigestion. I’ve been having a couple of rennie tablets next to my bed as I’d experienced this around the 5 month stage to.Overall, week 27 was just not fun.

Over week 28 everything changed. We went away on holiday, travelling through Abu Dhabi (for the Formula 1), Ras Al Khaimah, staying at the beautiful Banyan Tree resort, and finishing up with a few days in Oman at Zighy Bay. Weather it’s the unwinding, no stress, no work and pure relaxation, or that I was just feeling really rubbish in week 27, week 28 on holiday was all round amazing. No dizziness and no swelling, at all, it was great. My bump has definitely gotten bigger and the only thing I’m worrying about is super strong kicks (sometimes they really hurt..) and if I’m sleeping on my side/stomach too much (back to the squashing thought).

28 Weeks Pregnant & Babymoon

28 Weeks Pregnant & Babymoon

Week 29 I was back at work, swelling was medium level, not as bad as w27 but more than w28. I also had my next scan at the end of the week. The scan went really well, all normal and the baby is developing well. I find it interesting that the doctor measures the thigh bone in order to assess the total length of the baby. Unlike previous scans, and as mentioned above, my little boy is now approximately measuring w30+2, rather than w29+4, just slightly over. This time the doctor stressed about movements, if I wasn’t feeling 10 movements within 12 hours, I need to raise alarm bells. Interestingly he also mentioned to take some time out in the day (especially as I’m always busy at work, I may not notice all movements) and spend 20 minutes trying to stimulate the baby with gentle presses, this should trigger movements and daddy can help too, since then it’s been a little bit of an obsession, or sometimes I feel like I’ve awoken an angry baby! My little one moves in the evenings like crazy and quite often is super quiet all day, then again it could just be me not noticing whilst being working.  Unfortunately at this scan the baby was looking the wrong way so we couldn’t get any nice pictures or really see his face as much as our last scan, which was a shame, it’s the part we most look forward to. The baby has now also moved in to a head down position, although the doctor said there’s still plenty of room for this to be changing, each scan before though he was always on his side.

I’m looking forward to the next scan, although we’re talking Birth Plans which is quite scary. Will keep you updated as usual on the next weeks’ developments.

Love, Anisha xox


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