Pregnancy Essentials: Beauty, Body & Comfort

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My “pregnancy essentials” have been building up, particularly over the second and third trimester as my needs and wants in beauty and body care have developed significantly. In general, the comfier, the easier, the healthier, I’m all up for it. I wanted to share these favourites with you today incase you are pregnant and looking for alternatives, planning ahead, or are simply just interested!

First up, my favourites in Beauty. If you’ve read my first trimester skin care post (catch up here) then you’ll know I almost instantly stopped using most of my (very complicated, rigorous) products in my usual, non-pregnant skin care routine and switched to extreme basics for 2 main reasons. 1) I didn’t want acidic products that absorb deep down in to the skin to be absorbed by my blood and eventually potentially the baby, and 2) My skin was playing up and being totally unpredictable, I was generally feeling groggy as you do in the first 3 months. At month 4, I visited my facialist in Dubai (of course for a super simple facial) and she recommended I try out a basic cleanser and moisturiser from Dermalogica. I’ve been hooked since and the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and Soothing Cream have been total skin saviours. My skin has been the best it’s ever been in recent months and I’ll definitely continue to use this duo after baby arrives next month. Winner.

Stretch mark wise I’ve been loving 2 products, Bio Oil and Palmers Stretch Mark cream. I must admit, I do still have stretch marks and they have been spreading like crazy the last couple of months as baby’s gotten bigger. However, I’m admittedly not taking as much care as I probably should with slathering these products on. When I do, I do notice a reduction in “redness” on my stomach and both products smell great. For me, Bio Oil is generally for morning use (I find it absorbs quicker), where as Palmers is thicker and takes quite some time to sink in, which I don’t mind at night before bed. When I remember. As an extra moisture boost, I’ve also continued my love with L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil. If you haven’t tried this, my God, go and give it a try in store. It’s a luxuriously beautiful product that is one of a kind. An oil for the shower that turns in to a milky, moisturising emulsion that smells AMAZING. I often also follow up with the Almond Body Cream from L’Occitane if I’m feeling extra princessy.

Pregnancy Beauty Essentials

Pregnancy Beauty Essentials

Body wise in the last few weeks especially I’ve been suffering with mild swelling in my feet. When I get home from work I have to put my feet up and enjoy spraying The Body Shop’s Peppermint Cooling Spray. Just what you need after a long day and instantly cools the feet, just feels lovely. I wouldn’t go all out and say it helps with swelling, not at all, but it is a fabulous treat whether you are pregnant or not but have been on your feet for hours.

I’ve also often suffered with indigestion during this pregnancy, only a few times but I’ve found a pack of Rennies on hand always does the trick. One in the handbag, one by the bed.

I switched deodorants a few months in and opted for La Vanilla’s Healthy Deodorant after grabbing a bargain over Christmas with a huge US Sephora haul (more on that here). I bought a few from La Vanilla but at the moment I’m using Vanilla & Coconut which smells and feels great. Knowing that there’s absolutely no nasties being absorbed in to my body and potentially to my baby is a good feeling, when you can control it, why would you not want to? I wish this was available in the UK or Dubai, maybe one day!

Comfort wise, I’d be lost without the nursing/maternity bras I bought months ago, actually during my 3rd/4th month when my breasts/nipples started playing up. The BEST investment EVER. Soft cotton maternity bras are a total dream. I’ve been wearing them for months and as many of them are nursing bras I’ll get a good few months of use when the baby’s arrived too. So glad I started using these early on. Staying on the comfort essentials and also related to swelling feet, flip flops and basic sandals have also been my go-to for footwear. It makes me wonder how I’d travel and what shoes Id wear in London during my 3rd trimester especially, given how comfortable my flip flops are in Dubai where the sun is always shining and you can get away with it! The other day I wore my converses. They lasted about 10 mins before I had to wear them with the back off :(.

That’s almost it for my essentials apart from mentioning decaf coffee (when cold turkey just won’t do), panty liners (JUST in case) and a velvet hair scrunchie (totally 90’s but I love it) great for sleeping and lounging without having to be too tight plus a couple of other random things as seen in the photo above 🙂

These products are basically everything I’ve been using A LOT during my pregnancy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’ve been using a lot or couldn’t be without!

Love, Anisha xox



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