Postpartum / Newborn 3 Month Update

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My Baby Boy is 3 Month’s Old!

3 months of being a mummy to Baby A have officially passed! I can’t believe I’ve been a Mum for three whole months, I’ve passed what’s known as the ‘Fourth Trimester’ and boy was it a rollercoaster of a ride.

Here’s a snapshot of month 3:

  • Motor Skills a have taken a huge leap. His upper body strength has really developed. After having a bath we give him a couple of minutes of tummy time every day and its wonderful to see him becoming stronger and stronger. His little head is always bopping forward and backward when we carry him though so we still have to be super careful with supporting his head and neck.
  • His vision (I think) has improved. He’s loving all the colourful toys I bought for him last month and spending a lot longer in his play gym, sometimes he yanks the toys so hard with all his strength pulling and kicking around! I also make sure he has toys with him in the car and when we’re out and about as I feel he needs stimulating constantly.
  • Hand-Eye co-ordination is is strong, he was reaching out for things early in the month and by mid month he was able to grab hold of things. Toys, fingers, tissues, everything! I remember trying to put things in his hands just a few weeks back and he couldn’t hold them, now he’s a pro 🙂
  • The Talking talking attempts continue on a much larger scale versus month 2. I seriously believe I have a chatterbox of a child on my hands here, it’s lovely. He recognises mummy and daddy, smiles and talks to us in his own little way.
  • His laughs laughs are the cutest thing EVER. My mum has taught him Ringa Ringa Roses and he bursts in to laugher, its beautiful.
  • Feeding has become even less frequent versus month 2, instead of being on a 2 hour routine, we’re loosely sitting at a feed every 3 hours since mid month. The extra hour actually makes a huge difference for me to get on with my own routine.
  • Sleeping patterns are still sporadic. We roughly have a feed, play, sleep routine and I find he gets tired (by his eyes becoming red or puffy) roughly every two hours. At night he can stretch to anywhere between 2-5 hours. 5 hours is a dream for me, I feel so much better in the morning!

3 month old baby

  • The dummy. We started giving him a dummy early on, probably towards the end of the 4 week mark as I felt he was constantly pacifying on the breast. Not only that, he liked the comfort of a dummy. We are super careful though, I’m always checking if he needs a feed or he’s just pacifying, I don’t want him to go hungry. He has (against daddy’s choice!) developed a strong need for wanting the dummy to put him to sleep. He’s so clever though, as soon as the dummy’s done its job, he spits it right out and falls asleep instantly. I’m amazed every time. (There have been instances though when the dummy’s fallen out, we’ve had to run and wash it or get another one, or its fallen out before he was ready, or its fallen out in an awkward position whilst he’s asleep, e.g under his ear or neck and it eventually wakes him up, he’s not happy when that happens.
  • At 3 months we also made our first flight back to London from Dubai. Baby A got to meet both our families and he was thoroughly spoilt. He was so happy to meet and interact with so many new people, I love that he already has some social skills and isn’t attached to his dad or I, which I know some babies can be. He loves people and I love that he does.
  • Another huge milestone is nappies and clothes. We’ve officially gone up a nappy size! (From Pampers 1 to Pampers size 2). As well as that, we’re already having to put him in some 3-6 month baby grows and its usually because of his feet being too big for grows, although vests and tops still fit him in 0-3 sizing.

I’d say all in all month 3 has been significant in terms of new skills and personality. I feel like he’s really already turning in to a little boy with likes and dislikes versus just a few short weeks ago!

Bring on month 4 🙂

Love, Anisha xox

p.s. Here are the links for catching up with month 1 and month 2.


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