Postpartum / Newborn 2 Month Update

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My Baby Boy is 2 Month’s Old!

I’m already writing my little one’s 2 month update! How surreal, 2 months have totally flown by. During this time I feel like my little one’s personality and looks have substantially developed. When I look back at photos through just the last 8 weeks I can’t believe how fast he’s been changing.

Baby A, 8 weeks old

Baby A, 8 weeks old

Other things I’ve noticed:

  • Within 2 months, babies typically develop their Sensory and Motor Skills Vision and hearing become clearer, I’ve found that my little one is appreciating colours a lot more, more so towards the end of the 2nd month. That’s spurred me on to buy lots more colourful toys for him! His listening skills are also SO sharp. If he falls asleep in silence, any little noise will wake him up. Typing on my laptop or even pulling a tissue out of his box! (On the contrary, if he falls asleep in noise, absolutely nothing will wake him up!).
  • Motor Skills wise, he is kicking A LOT, especially during bath time, it’s like he already wants to swim around! He had strong legs and force in month 1 too, so no change there! Neck strength has also really developed, I can tell from tummy time after a bath and when walking him around, there’s a lot of head bopping, not for long, but he’s definitely getting stronger and stronger.
  • Feeding has become less frequent. When I say ‘less frequent’ I mean just compared to month 1! So not every 10 mins, half an hour, hour etc, we’re sort of on a loose 2 hour feeding basis at the moment, thats day and night. Sleep, I miss you.
  • Sleeping patterns are still sporadic, he doesn’t have a sleeping routine as yet and with feeding, we’re playing it by demand. However, I have bought some sleeping aid products and will be writing a review on those very shortly.
  • Skin colour is sort of changing daily (I don’t think I’m going mad when I say that!) some days he looks fairer and other days he has slightly more colour. During month 2 his hands have developed more pigment to match the rest of his body and aren’t so white and pale any longer. His hands and feet are also warmer and that is down to circulation improvements.
  • Week 5 was quite upsetting for us, I’d caught a strong nasty cold and thought I’d passed it on. My little one was severely “mucus-y” he sounded really blocked up and it was a horrible 3 days. I felt absolutely terrible and literally didn’t have the energy to move, night feed’s were very difficult. My little one persevered, we ended up not giving any medicine, just because of his age, I’m glad everything was ok 🙂
  • Two favourite baby developments of month 2 has to be strong smiling and recognition. He has an absolutely gorgeous smile, I love his right dimple and the fact he recognises those close to him giving us a beautiful smile when he see’s us, even if it’s in the middle of the night, it just melts you every time. All my friends and even our paediatrician also say how smiley he is, he’s been smiling since week 3/4 and is a very happy baby. He can follow people round the room too now, I guess that’s part of recognition and vision skills improving.
  • As well as recognising us, he’s also started to strong try and talk! Cute coo-ing, in fact we’ve had many conversations together already, the neighbours must think I’m bonkers. He just loves to talk all day and is happy to be with other people and talk to everyone.
  • Looks wise, baby’s strong eyebrows have become much more apparent, as have his strong eyelashes they’ve grown so long!
  • Finally behaviour wise, he’s grown a huge strong need to be walked around, ALL DAY! This boy loves being walked. He’s super observant and has probably memorised every corner of our home! It sure gives us enough exercise all day.

We also had his 2 month vaccinations right on his 2 month date. Let’s just say mummy was in a worst state than baby was!

There we go, another month gone! I still can’t quite believe it, I feel like I only wrote our first month update so recently! I love seeing all the changes he goes through and documenting them all for the future, it’s amazing how quickly babies develop!

Month 3, we’re ready for you!

Love, Anisha xox

p.s If you haven’t checked out month 1 yet, read all about that right here 🙂


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