Post Partum / Newborn 1 Month Update

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1 Month Old Baby Update

I cannot believe my little one is already 1 month old! Seriously, the time has just FLOWN. I’ve been a mum for 4 weeks! How surreal. In a way 1 month is nothing at all, but when I think about the whole new world I’ve entered and literally a million new things I’ve learnt and felt, that 1 month has been so special.

The baby comes out in to this whole new world and we became parents for the first ever time, a journey we’re all growing and continuing with together. During these first few special weeks the baby is getting used to life outside of the womb. Baby A is always curled up, just like he would have been in the womb. He loves cuddles and when we pick him up he almost instantly lifts up his knees and curls himself up, so much so, Mum and I call him out little koala bear, he’s just so cute and snug.

Baby A at 1 month old x

Baby A at 1 month old x

Other things I’ve noticed:

  • He is so Strong!! I always called him my little wriggler and he still wriggles and moves around with so much energy and strength, it’s unbelievable to think he’s just a few weeks old. His left leg is so much stronger, he’s always kicking up and down. I wonder if he will be left handed.
  • His hands and arms are always up in the air waving around. Although he hasn’t sensed his hands or has developed hand/eye coordination yet, they’re always moving. His fists are always closed, we try to open his little fingers but he’s happy with them in a fist for now. They do tend to relax more in the bath or when he’s asleep. I’ve read that babies hands don’t often open up from this fist position until about 8 weeks in, interesting.
  • He LOVES bath time. Something the nurses said that most newborns love as it reminds them of the womb (amniotic fluid). He doesn’t like having his hair washed but loves the warm bath. We don’t keep him in for too long because of his sensitive skin, but make sure he’s clean and happy.
  • Sleep. Wow, I could write a whole post on sleepy time! The first month has been crazy. We had some nights sitting in the lounge with him as he woke up almost every hour, it was crazy. There was one night when he wanted a feed almost every hour too and was crying a lot, will never forget that night, me and mum were zombies! In fact I think we have all been nocturnal since he was born! There’s no sleeping pattern as yet, he generally naps through out the day and night waking up every 2-3 hours. The longest he’s slept has been 5 hours straight. Man, I felt like a new woman the next morning! Overall, he doesn’t have a sleeping routine yet, I don’t think he fully differentiates between day and night but it’s something I hope (and pray!) will develop. Quickly.
  • Feeding. Similarly to sleep, we have no routine yet! It’s all over the place, I generally feed him on demand, 24 hours a day, whenever he wants. Although this is majorly difficult (check out my breastfeeding post here), I’m not going to leave him hungry or force him in to a routine just yet, he’s just too young. On the other hand, this is generally every couple of hours, although there have been times where he’s wanted to feed just 20 minutes after the last feed!
  • He loves to be carried. Either carried around to help him sleep, or carried around to keep him entertained. He absolutely loves looking around, he’s always staring at the ceiling and looking around our apartment, he is a super observant baby. At the same time, through out the month, his eyes have really opened up. They were narrow for the first 2 weeks but after that they’ve opened up widely, they’ve also become a lighter shade of brown compared to when he was first born.
  • Smiles. When he smiles it melts my heart. He has the most beautiful smile ever and has the cutest right dimple. He has no eye brows and obviously no teeth, that cute tiny baby face!

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks when he starts to recognise us and continue to develop. Hopefully we will have some sort of sleeping or feeding routine by then too!

Love, Anisha xox





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