Palmers Lip Balm Review

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I’m the kind of girl that has 100’s of lip balms. One in each handbag, one in the car, one on my desk and several scattered around the house! A girl can never have too many, or maybe I’m just a bit obsessed 😛 Either way, it’s fair to say I’ve tried several different balms, oils, scrubs and even lip masks.

Buttery Balms

When I got my hands on 3 lip balms by Palmer’s I knew I’d love them knowing how much I love Palmer’s skincare for me and my 1 year old (I swear by the Palmer’s Body Wash and Oil for babies).
Palmers in fact have 3 different types of lip products. Lip butters (that come in a tube), lip balms (a lipstick style twist up with an oval applicator) and FlipBalms – which are plastic flip applicators but technically for the face and body. Today I’m talking about the lip balms themselves.
Palmers Lip Balms

Chocolate, Cherry & Mint Flavors

The lip balms come in 3 different scents – you’ll love the sound of these.. Dark Chocolate & Mint, Dark Chocolate & Cherry, and a traditional, original Ultra Moisturising version.
1) Original Ultra Moisturising: Packed with Vitamin E (super powerful antioxidant) and a recognizable Palmers scent, these feel so luxurious on the lips and perfect if you’re not in to too strong scents.
2) Dark Chocolate & Mint: Added mint flavor in the same compact packaging. The mint is more of a peppermint style flavor. If like me you love mint, this one’s a winner.
3) Dark Chocolate & Cherry: My favorite of them all, I absolutely love this. The balm is darker in color than the others but feels just as silky on the lips. It leaves a slightly tinted look to the lips, not red, but more of a deep flushed look which I like.
Palmers Lip Balms
Each of the balms provide a super smooth buttery feeling to the lips.  The texture is amazing if you suffer from chapped lips, or like me, just enjoy keeping your lips soft and applying balms. (It also works great under lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks that cry out for moisture).
Not only is the formulation emollient enough for dryness and any soreness on the lips, it also contains an SPF15 for when you’re outdoors & exposed to the sun, so a win-win all year round. Combined with the Vitamin E, the balms also work as a treatment to reduce the appearance of any scars or imperfections on the lips.
For me these balms pass the test because;
1) They smell and taste great
2) They feel amazing on the lips, you can rub your lips after and feel how soft and buttery they are
3) They last for AGES on the lips. Morning, night, or just before lipstick, just one swipe is enough
4) No sticking your fingers in pots, easy packaging that light and hygienic enough to take on the go
These lip balms are available in the UAE for just AED 10 – What do you think will be your favorite?
Enjoy, Anisha xox


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