Palmers Coconut Oil Haul: Body Lotion & Hair Protein Pack

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I’m obsessed with coconuts. There, I said it. Eating it, drinking it, spreading lotions and potions over my hair and body, massaging my baby with it, if it’s to do with coconuts, I’m sold. I also have a coconut based wax for hair removal, bet you’ve not heard of that before hey? Obsessed.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion is a modernised take on the original Palmer’s product, an old favourite revived. When I opened the lid for the first time (and every time since), I was hit with a beautiful blend of the original cocoa butter scent blended with delicious coconut, o.m.g.

The lotion contains vitamin E and raw coconut oil as well as naturally occurring fatty acids. What it DOESN’T contain is paragons, mineral oil, sulphates or dyes, so you know you’re not doing your skin any harm. As with any of the Palmers products, a little goes a long way and the product is going to last. The cream is luxuriously soft and nourishing whilst not feeling too thick to apply. I have the massage cream and the stretch mark cream and the body lotion is a much thinner consistency versus both of those body creams.

Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion

I apply the lotion daily (over my feet, legs and arms) after showering. It absorbs really easily and the scent lingers for hours, it’s divine. If you’re in to coconuts, products that do as they say and LAST, give this a try.

I also have the Palmers Deep Conditioning Protein Pack for hair. Another coconut based product. This one’s a newbie, I’ve not tried any Palmers products on my hair before but can safely say I’m pleasantly surprised. Since going through postpartum hair loss, I’ve been really keen to try and improve the condition and strength of my hair to pre pregnancy days. Coconut oil has notoriously great benefits for the hair. As a child my mother used to give me a head massage with coconut oil so I know all  too well the benefits of going so. This Protein Pack contains pure coconut oil, coconut milk and vitamin E for an intense conditioning treatment said to penetrate deeper than usual conditioners, and that’s all down to the smaller molecular structure of the oil used.

Benefits of the protein pack include;

  • Follicle strength. So not only are existing hair shafts protected but her hairs are too, meaning stronger new hairs and ultimately less fall out.
  • Damaged hair is also treated with natural proteins. Living in Dubai, we’re exposed to harsh sun quite frequently. So despite me not colouring or straightening my hair often these days, it’s still a good treat.
Palmers Coconut Oil Protein Pack

Palmers Coconut Oil Protein Pack

You apply the treatment just as you would a normal conditioner. However, to make the most use of it, I wash my hair first in the shower and put the conditioner straight on, rather than washing my hair after my body’s cleansed which I usually do. The longer you can leave it on, obviously the better. Once rinsed through my hair feels super soft. It’s also a lot easier to comb through and I don’t find myself reaching for my regular detangler as much, love it. I have long hair so I reckon the full pack (2.1 oz) will last about 2 washes more, so 3 in all.

Have you tried either of these products by Palmers? What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love, Anisha xox



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