Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturisers – For Him & For Her

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Valentines is over for another year, but if you’re in the market for more his and hers products (and your hubby appreciates good skin care – big variable here!), go check out Palmer’s original cocoa butter moisturisers and pick one up for yourself whilst you’re there.

You guys know I’m a huge ambassador of taking good care of your skin, that means skincare for the face & for the body. One of the highest catalysts for ageing skin is dry skin. Skin that lacks moisture and elasticity are more prone to dryness which leads to wrinkles and ageing skin. We’re all ageing of course, but most of us want to continue looking young and taking care of ourselves.

I tend to have the same skin concerns time and time again on my body that flare up if I miss a day or two of moisturising. I typically spend 10 mins or so after I shower in the morning to follow up with my skincare routine, but If I’m in a rush, I see the impacts later in the day. It’s typically my elbows, ankles and feet that get dry the most. Especially living in Dubai in the sunshine, my skin is exposed and needs the protection.

To moisturise the body, I’d highly recommend the Cocoa Butter original formula by Palmers.

Why Cocoa Butter?

Apart from the smell (you ALWAYS know when someone is wearing cocoa butter, it smells amazing!) there are 2 main benefits to the skin including;

  1. Antioxidant molecules that combat free radicals (these are all around us and attacking us as we speak, nice right?!). Antioxidants are the number one age preventing ingredients so this is a huge plus in preventing environmental stress on the skin as well as visible signs of ageing.
  2. Cocoa butter also has effective healing properties. I know this all to well from using Palmers products during pregnancy, particularly the Stretch Mark cream with higher concentrations.

cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter Original Formula

The original formula is now blended with added Vitamin E to give you an added hydration boost. To use, I finish off with my facial skincare routine in the morning before moving on to the body. This is because for me, the cocoa butter formula on my facial skin is a little too emollient. However, if you have super dry skin, you may want to try some on the face too.

I use about 2-3 squeezes to cover my arms, focusing on my elbows. The product feels luxuriously thick and rich and keeps my skin moisturised all day. I mentioned the scent earlier, but it’s such a beautiful scent and it lasts on you for a couple of hours, depending what you’re doing. I also follow up on my legs and feet (nothing worse than dry feet and sandals!!). The product is velvety soft and absorbs really quickly in to your skin. You can actually see a colour difference in the skin once you’ve massaged the product in, just me? My skin is left smooth and supple.

Palmers now have a mens version of the moisturiser too, so if you’re hubby isn’t afraid of good skincare (my hubby has a whole routine now!) or suffers from dry skin, I’d suggest giving this a go.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturiser

His v Hers

So what makes the men’s version any different? Well for starters, I know if something specifically says “Mens” on it, my husband will more than likely try it over something that doesn’t say “Men”. Thats the first tick! The packaging is dark blue and of course targeted towards men. What’s inside is not so different, again the great smelling scent of cocoa butter to instantly combat dry or rough skin but this time with a slight masculine scent (I can’t stop smelling it!). And the added vitamin E for maximum protection and invigorated skin. My hubby hates greasiness, whether its on the face or body, so because the product absorbs quickly and doest leave you feeling oily or greasy, its a winner. Just an easy all around product that takes literally a couple of minutes to apply in the morning.

For more info, go check out Palmer’s website or if you’re in the UAE, you can find these products in Carrefour, Lulu, Spinneys, Boots & other great retailers. If you love your cocoa butter, now’s the time to convince your other half!

Enjoy, Love, Anisha xox


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