Palmer’s Body Lotions, The Lowdown On All 4

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Most of you’ll know I’m a lover of the renound favourite Cocoa Butter products from Palmers, everyone and their mums know them, right? I’ve tried so many of their products of the last year, that I’m now fortunate enough to be a brand ambassador – whoop. That just means I get to try out a whole lot more products 🙂

I was recently gifted 4 of the body lotions by Palmers;

  1. The original Daily Skin Therapy with Vitamin E
  2. The Coconut Oil lotion (the coconut oil range smells AH-MA-ZING)
  3. The Raw Shea body lotion, and
  4. The Olive Oil body lotion.

Palmers Body Lotions

Each of the lotions promise to provide 24hr moisture as well as containing absolutely no paragons, no phthalates, mineral oil, sulphates or dyes. Just all around goodness for your skin. With this in mind, I also switched to Palmers products when my son was born (almost a year ago now!) from other well known brands, just because of the no chemical promise and the all-round luxuriousness of the products.

My 2 personal favourite lotions are the Olive Oil and the Raw Shea. They both feel and smell really great. I took all 4 back with me to the UK over the Christmas and New Year period (where the average temperature was 2 degrees on a good day!!), my skin was screaming out for moisture, those of you from cold countries will know exactly what I’m talking about! And these 2 certainly got used the most.

The Raw Shea formula is a rich, nourishing cream that combines oatmeal, shea butter, grapeseed oil and vitamin E together to lock in moisture to the skin whilst keeping it calm. It’s packed full of emollients which help to not only keep the skin feeling supple but reverses dehydration too.

Similarly, the Olive Oil lotion is a creamy and soft, protecting the skin beautifully with no irritation. It contains extra virgin olive oil in its purest form against strict organic quality guidelines. I’ve actually since gifted this to my dad as he was suffering with extremely dry arms at home in the chapping cold wind and really loved this one!

palmers body lotion

Try out the lotions from your local drugstore, they’re all available to buy now. For even more info, check out Palmer’s Middle East website here.

Let me know which one’s your favourite!

Love, Anisha xox


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