OPI Hawaii Collection – Swatches & Review!

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When I think of Hawaii, I think of coconut rum, palm treas, sunshine, tropical flowers and crystal clear beaches. It’s exactly the kind of vibe that OPI have portrayed within their latest 2015 Spring/Summer OPI Hawaii Collection. A wide range of 12 fun colours to suit everyone for this season.

OPI Hawaii collection 2015

OPI Hawaii collection 2015 – (OPI Press Release Image)

I was so excited to get my hands on 2 of the colours from the collection; “That’s Hula-rious!” and “Is Mai Tai Crooked?”.


OPI Hawaii Collection 2015 - ADBeautyBlog

OPI Hawaii Collection 2015

First up, “That’s Hula-rious!” (cute name!). I wasn’t so keen on green nails until the whole pastel fashion came around a couple of years ago and now I can’t get enough of pastel. Pastel nails, handbags, shoes, phone covers, you name it. Anyway, I digress. That’s Hula-rious! Is a soft, pastel green that’s easy to wear on the nails. At first, it reminded me of Essie’s Fashion Playground, a very similar pastel green shade. I was super happy when I got my hands on that shade only to find the application so streaky, whatever I do it just does not apply neat and needs at least 3 coats and a hell of a lot of patience. You can imagine my glee when I tried That’s Hula-rious! to find that there’s 1) No streakiness and 2) a max of 2 coats to get a gorgeous opaque true to colour tone. LOVE IT!

Next up “Is Mai Tai Crooked?” a deliciously fruity orange colour. I can’t decide if this is pastel orange or just a light orange colour. Either way, one of my stand out preferences from the collection. I’m all about Orange and Coral this year (same as last summer!). I think Is Mai Tai Crooked will suit everyone, who doesn’t love a bit of an orange pop for summer? Especially if you’ve got a bit of a tan going on. Gorgeous.


OPI That's Hula-rious & Is Mai Tai Crooked?

OPI That’s Hula-rious & Is Mai Tai Crooked?

Both shades are out now for purchase. In Dubai they’re retailing for AED 49 and will be available from Sephora and Boots.

Which colour is your favourite from the collection? I’ve always had a soft spot for anything orange or coral so I will have to say my personal favourite is “Is Mai Tai Crooked?”

Love, Anisha xox


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