Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist Review

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Luxurious, smells great, absorbed easily and looks great on the dresser. 4 top reasons why I love the Queen of Hungary Mist by Omorovicza before even getting on to the skin care benefits.

Spray toners are a relatively new step for skincare don’t you think? I’ve tried a few now and must admit spray toning is the favourite part of my skincare routine. It’s all in the application, and, well, it’s just fun. Just me? Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Mist (lets abbreviate it to OQHM for ease of spelling) is a luxurious spray toner that I’m really enjoying using.

Like all of the Omorovica products, it is on the high end of the skincare spectrum but makes you feel like a princess when using as part of your skin care regimen. The bottle for the Hungary Mist is made of glass, not ideal for travelling which I would LOVE to use it for (and always wish for before flying,) but, it is beautiful on the dresser. The glass packaging is matte and slightly hazy but you can see how much product is remaining easily. It also comes with a spray applicator which sprays just the right amount of product well. Some sprays can be really fiddly, loose or just don’t spray right, not this baby. The applicator is secure and it sprays the product in a wide spritz over the face. To be fair, you would only need 1-2 sprays but I tend to go a bit OTT. (It’s the princess coming out!).

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

I use the Queen of Hungary Mist either in the mornings or the evenings, sometimes even through out the day to cleanse, waken up my skin or for a quick hydration boost. It’s a beautiful, light spray that’s absorbed within seconds without leaving any sticky residue on the skin which is great because I really don’t want to be waiting around for ages for a toner to be absorbed on my skin or experiencing any sticky feeling before I move on with my routine. The mist is said to be inspired by thermal waters in Hungary, known for its ancient healing and skin care benefits. The Queen of Hungary Mist contains this special Hungarian water as well as orange, rose and sage waters (known for their soothing and revitalising properties) as well as other ingredients to keep skin supple, firm and hydrated. It’s important to note that the product contains absolutely no parabens, sulphates, phthalates or silicones whoop! Another reason for your skin to happy.

At £46/ $70/ AED 260 , it is an expensive option for a toner. There are cheaper alternatives, but for me, it’s a product that I love to use and use frequently as a treat to myself, its definitely not something that’s going to sit around unused. On that note, I’m not sure if I will afford to keep splashing out on (I wish!), but for now im loving using it and would recommend it to all, it’s great for all skin types.

What are your favourite toners and why?

Anisha x


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