NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil Review

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The cleansing oil everyone’s been talking about! Before hearing so many reviews on the Perfect Cleansing Oil I hadn’t heard of Nude before so was really intrigued when the blogging world erupted with news of this new phenomenon.

Cleansing oils have become increasingly popular in my opinion, it seems over the last couple of years alone, brands everywhere have been releasing balm type oils and treatment oils everywhere. To me it’s great, I love the feel of a cleansing oil and treatment oils and am sure those with dry, combination or even oily skin would be able to find an oil thats right for you and your skin.

Being a cult follower of Dermalogica’s Pre Cleanse for sooo long (literally years, heres the review) I was keen to try an alternative. Not that I’m unhappy with the Pre Cleanse but just to try something new, you know that feeling! I decided to try Nude’s Perfect Cleansing Oil from Space NK.

The cleansing oil is not just a make up remover, but is a cleanser too. To me this is a whole new concept as I’m used to using the Pre Cleanse to remove all the spf, make up and dirt through out the day before using my cleanser as part of a double cleanse routine, however was happy to give this a go. The Perfect Cleanser contains a completely all natural formula that claims to sooth and deep clean the skin to rid of all impurities. What stood out to me is the “all natural” part. Using only Omega rich plant oils without any nasties sounds so good and hydrating.

Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil

Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil

To apply, I pump about 2-3 squeezes in to the palm of my hand, warm up and pat all over my face. Then I massage in to my skin all over (even around the eyes) and then use warm water to transform the oil in to a milky water like consistency to wash off all the ahem residue. I must say, in comparison to the Pre Cleanse from Dermalogica, it is a much thicker consistency which means to massage on my skin takes a lot more effort, something so far that is taking some time for me to get used to as I try to not totally stretch and pull the skin, I do wish it was a ittle more “oily” in consistency but perhaps that’s just me being too used to the Pre Cleanse.

Overall I am happy with Nude’s cleansing oil and do prefer to use this as a night time cleanser so far. I like how I can use it all over my face and havent felt any irritation at all, even anything around my eyes (which can tend to be quite sensitive). It does take more effort to massage and take off make up, so I’m thinking of trying to remove my make up before hand and then use the cleanser to actually cleanse. After using, my skin is left feeling clean and smooth. It’s not drying at all in fact is really hydrating and leaves my skin nice and soft. It has a very subtle scent, definitely a natural one that smells calming but not too over powering at all which I like, it smells really good.

I’m still getting used to the oil and trying to find the best way to make it work for me as I do think it’s a luxuriously nice product. Have you tried it before and how do you incorporate it in to your skin care routine?


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