New Lush Goodies! Body Conditioners, Shampoo & Soap Bars

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I recently got my hands on some new Lush goodies and couldn’t wait to review them! There are so many great finds in Lush and always so many new collections and things to try. If you’ve read my previous posts or follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve tried out a few things before., the Big Shampoo & Ro’s Argan, bath bombs, Ultrabland, Lemony Flutter, and Mint Juleps to name a few. There’s something for everyone from bath bombs, skincare, make up, hair dye, hair care and so much more. This time I have a couple of things I’ve not tried before which I’m excited about.

Lush created a great product called “Body Conditioners” and if you haven’t tried one before, seriously check them out, there’s nothing quite like it. They’re thick, usually moisturising lotions that you apply in the shower, leave on a couple of minutes, rinse off and find your skin amazingly soft and smelling A-MA-ZING. After trying out Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner before (and loving it) I’m really keen to try out the African Paradise Body Conditioner. It has a really unique, alluring smell, almost musky and spicy but not too over the top. Cant wait to try this one.

Lush Goodies: African Paradise, Jason & The Argan, Karma Soap

Lush Goodies: African Paradise, Jason & The Argan, Karma Soap

Next up is a shampoo bar. This time something totally different, I’ve never tried a shampoo bar before so I’m eager to give this a go, there are about 15 in the range from Lush. I have the “Jason and the Argan Oil” shampoo bar which is aimed to strengthen and soften the hair and as the name suggests, contains Argan oil and other essential oils (lemon, geranium, even rose absolute) it smells great, AND its pink!

Finally, another newbie in the form of Karma Soap. I’ve always wanted to try a soap from Lush (and you guys know from all my bath and shower posts I’m a sucker for something nice for bath and shower times!). Karma Soap has a refreshing and relaxing scent at the same time. Made from Patchouli, Citrus and Lemongrass, perfect for a shower ‘wake me up’.

I’ll be reporting back individually on how I get on with the above! Have you tried any of these products and what should I try next? There’s so much to choose from!

Anisha xox


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