My Chloe Eau de Parfum & Body Collection – Love Chloe & Roses de Chloe

One of my signature fragrances is Love Chloe. It’s such a gorgeous, feminine and unique scent that I bought from Duty Free a few months ago which I think is a nice take on the original fragrance. I absolutely adore the original Chloe too, it’s one of those scents you can always recognise on other women. So many of my friends beat me to it with the original Chloe fragrance so I was happy to pick up Love Chloe for myself. It keeps the gorgeousness of the signature Chloe scent but with a twist.

Love Chloe Eau De Parfum

Love Chloe Eau De Parfum

The original Chloe eu de parfum is one of the best selling fragrances, and for good reason. There are also other collections including Roses de Chloe, See by Chloe and of course Love, Chloe.

The Love Chloe collection also includes a deodorant which is small enough to carry round with you if like me, you tend to have big handbags and carry everything and anything! It’s a small size (100ml) so is really easy to travel with, keep at work or on the go. Keeping to the Love collection, it has the same light, feminine and powdery scent. Online, I’ve seen it vary for between $30-$55 dollars and around AED 110+ mark. I love the deodorant and fragrance so so much, perfect when your looking for a fragrance that’s light, graceful and girly whilst not being at all musky or overpowering. It’s one of those scents that leaves others thinking “I know she’s wearing a fragrance, it smells like the original Chloe but its not, and its not too much”. Yep, thats how I’d describe Love Chloe.

On days when I’m feeling super Rosy, I also have the Roses de Chloe shower gel. Now I must admit, I haven’t been so much of a roses kinda gal before (strangely my husband adores anything roses scented, candles for the house, fragrances on me etc) but I’ve always not been so in to them until around mid last year. If you’ve seen my previous post on my bath salts haul, I’ve been really enjoying using my L’occitane Roses et Reines bath salts and I find when you’ve had a really long day, a bath using rose bath salts topped up with the Roses de Chloe shower gel to wash off is a perfect winner (and will leave you smelling A-MA-ZING). Of course sometimes when I just feel like using something special in the shower (I’ve written about nice shower goodies sooo many times) this is a winner.

roses de chloe

Roses de Chloe Shower Gel & Love Chloe Deodorant

The Roses de Chloe shower gel comes in a cute 200ml size. It has the same dinky, cute look as the original chloe and the other collection fragrances and looks impressive in the bathroom, it really does make you feel special. The price for a 200ml online is around $40 which is about AED145 here or there.

Do you own any Chloe fragrances or products and what are your favourites? I’ve heard that a limited collection mini’s of “My Little Chloe’s” has also been released (a trio of the signature chloe, roses de chloe and l’eau de chloe) which sounds gorgeous and a good starter set incase you were indecisive about which one to go for. new I love how each collection has similar signature scents and yet can all smell unique at the same time.

Love, Anisha xo


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