My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow Review

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Since giving birth and spending 5 days in hospital (recovering from a c-section and) learning all about breastfeeding for the first time, it’s fair to say I was struggling. The whole latching on thing, having a million pillows slipping around me, pain in my stomach and on top of that, a hungry, sometimes crying baby, was just not a good first learning experience. I’m sure many of you feel my pain here. Breastfeeding I’ve learnt, is such an art. I have a massive new-found admiration for women everywhere that have breastfed their children exclusively, even non-exclusively, if you’re doing it at all you’re amazing in my eyes. Life really doesn’t prepare you for how your breast feeding experience is going to be. For me, it’s certainly not (or at least didn’t start off as) plain-sailing and as ‘natural’ as it’s often portrayed. More on my initial experiences breastfeeding can be read here.

After a couple of weeks of struggling around with pillows, foot rests and achey shoulders and arms, I’d had enough and needed a proper solution. I’d experienced engorgement too, things weren’t pretty. I’d asked friends about nursing pillows and all of the girls have been using round shaped ones, it wasn’t until I’d done a bit of my own googling (just for total reassurance in my choice) that I’d heard about the My Brest Friend pillow. What stood out to me was the back support to help out with and prevent sore back and neck, also, the full 360 support meant I didn’t have to be holding on to so many pillows + a baby all by myself, score!

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow Review

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

I’ve been using the My Breast Friend nursing pillow every single feed for the last 5 weeks, that’s a LOT of feeds when my baby is currently exclusively breast fed. I love it, it’s honestly single handedly the best purchase I’ve made for me and Baby A.

As above, the pillow is a full 360 wrap around design which helps snugly fit the body. The velcro strap on the side means it first women of all sizes (this was also something that concerned me after just having given birth and feeling plump (for use of a better word!) and also the sensitivity on my stomach from having the caesarean birth. The design also means there’s arm and elbow rests, an added extra. In addition there’s also a pocket sown on so you can fit in handy bits like muslins, tissues or bibs (I like to keep a couple of tissues in there to prevent any spillages and keep the pillow clean).

The pillow itself is the perfect thickness. I find it really sturdy and comfortable at the same time. The baby naturally lyes horizontally but quite often I do tip toe on the head side to raise the angle of the baby, just to give gravity a nudge and to help the milk flow down. I’d also read that keeping the baby at such an angle can help with reflux and wind. Sometimes my son likes to lay on his side or other times he would lay flat, either way we both love the pillow.

My Brest Friend Nursing Buckle & Strap Close Up AD Beauty Blog

My Brest Friend Nursing Buckle & Strap Close Up

I’ve always got up in the night and strapped on the pillow and got in my nursing chair. When I’m out and about, in the car or in mall baby changing rooms, we both really struggle and miss the pillow! We’re totally addicted and I just can not feed without it, I can’t recommend it enough. For those of you looking for a nursing pillow I’d fully recommend this and couldn’t fault it. I may even end up buying another one for travelling or when I’m washing the cover!

If you’re in two minds, go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Love, Anisha xox



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