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If you know me well or follow me on my social media channels regularly, you’ll know I’m a sucker for luxury shower/bath products! I have cupboards full and love luxury shower treats.

Its fair to say I’ve tried many shower gels from pretty much most of the well known, high street or luxury brands but Molton Brown is one I come back to, love, and would recommend to friends for a luxury shower gel with fragrance that REALLY lasts. So many products out there retail for similar or higher prices, smell amazing and then fail to lather or leave any sort of scent outside of the bathroom. A good scent should linger long after no?

This time round I couldn’t resist picking up another couple of shower gels as well as a diffuser for my home. The shower gels I bought were Orange & Bergamot and a repurchase of Suma Ginseng (my 3rd bottle!).

Molton Brown Haul

Molton Brown Haul

Orange & Bergamot is a true zesty and zingy smells. If, like me, you’re a lover of citrus, you’re sure to love this. It’s a refreshing scent with the slightest musk, but an ideal wake me up in the morning. The bergamot and notes of neroli give the orange scent a beautiful blend. It’s a really unusual scent, almost citrus but plant like (from the bergamot). I’ve heard it’s one of Molton Brown’s most popular and original scents. Delicious. It’s quite similar to Molton Brown’s Japanese Orange, but in my opinion, stronger in scent.

Suma Ginseng has been described by some Molton Brown retail assistants as a men’s scent. However, this is my 3rd bottle and I just can’t get enough of the stuff. Admittedly, it does have a particularly manly smell, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, maybe that’s because the top note is lemon (there goes the citrus lover in me). Blended with cinnamon and patchouli, this is really one of a kind. If you’re going to go in to a Molton Brown store and smell one thing, this would be my suggestion!

There’s always an Aroma Reed Diffuser in my living room. I’ve tried several and find that most stop smelling after a couple of months (that’s whilst regularly turning the reeds). I didn’t realise actually that Molton Brown sold diffusers so when I saw these in store I ran over! I enjoy relaxing or fruity scents in the living room, nothing too musky and it has to be light, not overpowering. The fragrances come in standard collections, so you could have your hand wash, body wash and home fragrance from the same collection! This time though, I went for something totally different after smelling Ylang Ylang.

Ylang Ylang from Molton Brown is, as the name suggests, a beautiful blend of Ylang Ylang as well as sweet cardamom and musk. I smelt the Ylang Ylang body products and actually, although similar, the reeds smell slightly different! Cant wait to start using this at home. The kind lady at the store also gifted me a Ylang Ylang body was in the shape of a Christmas Bauble 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my Molton Brown haul, which is your favourite scent collection? I’d love to hear recommendations!

Love, Anisha



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