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OK, I did it! I went a bit cray and had a major splurge recently at MAC, specifically with the Ellie Goulding collection. I’ve been hearing, watching and reading so much about this collection, it’s right up my street. Beautiful natural tones, shades to die for with rose gold and black packaging *total swoon*. The collection was released in the UK and US mid December but has yet to hit the UAE (as with all MAC collections always being slightly later in the UAE unfortunately!).

As part of the collection, Ellie released a range of products aimed at captivating both the day (effortlessly natural) and night (breathtaking bombshell) targets, the products generally come in variations for both. Within the collection there are 2 pallettes, 2 lipstick shades (both in cremesheen formula), 2 patent polish lip pencils, 2 pushglass, lustre drops, a blusher, lashes and 3 brushes (including what’s likely to be a sellout very quickly, a rose gold 217).

I love EVERYTHING in the range but I did a bit of homework as I couldn’t buy it all! It was particularly hard to step away from the blusher (“I’ll Hold My Breath”) and the 217. I already have like 4 217 brushes and very similar hakuhodo brushes as well as a million contour and pink blushers, I just couldn’t do it! I opted instead for the products from the lips collection which appealed to me the most, Only You lipstick, Revved Up patent polish lip pencil and Goodness Gracious, the pushglass.

MAC Ellie Goulding Collection AD Beauty Blog

MAC Ellie Goulding Collection

Only You is described as a muted mid toned coral, it looks so beautiful in the packaging, I’m intrigued to see how this looks on my skin tone. Revved Up is also the very first patent polish lip pencil I’ve bought from MAC, I quite like chubby pencil sticks (I’m looking at you Bobbi Brown) so I’m hoping these won’t disappoint. It swatched much darker than the other patent pencil in the collection, Innocent which didn’t seem to have enough pigment in it for me. Generally I think I’ve gone for more of the night time look with my choices!

Cant wait to try these out and get in with swatches and thoughts, stay tuned 🙂

Love, Anisha xox



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