Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner Review

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Whilst on holiday in China and Japan it’s fair to say my skin really suffered from the cold weather. Not so much my face (I’m always carrying a stack of face products) but my body felt a bit neglected. The wind and cold whether made my skin really dry (something I’m not used to in Dubai now!) and left my skin ashy and in serious need of moisture. Not a pretty look.

I got home yesterday, had a shower and couldn’t wait to slather myself in the African Paradise Body Conditioner. OMG. This stuff seriously does the job. If you read my Lush haul a few weeks ago (here) you’ll know African Paradise was one of my new products. Along with Ro’s Argan (another awesome Body Conditioner), African Paradise has a totally unique way of sealing in moisture on the skin in the shower, honestly it’s amazing and a unique product I’ve never come across before in the market.

African Paradise contains a mixture of shea butter and moringa oil as well as other great emollients all blended with the ultimate aim of locking in moisture to the skin. This time around and in need of a good hit of moisture, I applied this all over my body, although usually though I would just use this on just my arms (elbows mainly) and legs. It’s a thick, creamy product that you apply on the body in the shower and leave on as long as you can. This can be a bit tricky in the shower to leave on for long but don’t worry about the time too much the conditioner will still moisturise.

Lush African Paradise

Lush African Paradise

The conditioner (like a hair conditioner) doesn’t lather on the skin but you can feel it instantly creamy and soothing. Once you’ve washed the product off the body, that’s when the magic happens. Just like water on oil, the product washes off but disperses instantly. You’re left with baby smooth skin and when you come out the shower and towel dry, the skin feels soooo good. Not to mention the smell! If you’re in to strong Rose like smells, I would go for Ro’s Argan. In comparison, African Paradise has a slightly musky / spicy scent to it which I really like. The smell is strong but I can see most people liking it, it also lasts a really long time on the skin. In fact, thinking about it, African Paradise is a perfect name for this, it smells tropical and spicy in a great, delicate way.

The Lush Body Conditioners are such a treat in the shower but especially if your skin is in need of serious pampering or suffering from dryness. They’re part of the permanent collection from Lush in store and online. Check them out, saves my skin 🙂

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