Long Haul In Flight Skincare Essentials

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With lots of travelling and long haul flights comes travel skincare and beauty essentials. When travelling on airplanes, the air is continuously recirculated which means the air is typically lacking in moisture. It’s this sort of ‘stale’ air can play havoc with your skin. Have you ever noticed that your skin becomes dry in flight or even spotty? I know I suffer from dry lips and always ALWAYS break out for the next couple of days following a long flight. All a result of the low humidity in the air and water being lost from the skin.

I’m travelling to Beijing this week for a few days and then to Tokyo for a week, then back to Beijing and back to Dubai. Phew! There’s a lot of flying involved so I wanted to be sure I packed accordingly.

The key to in flight essentials is moisture. The water in your skin is being lost and the number 1 hydration tip above any sprays or lotions is the intake of water. It’s essential to be drinking water throughout the day anyway, but so much more is needed from your body when you’re in flight. So every time that air hostess comes round, make sure you’re topping up!

On top of water, you can do your best by keeping your skin topically hydrated. Before I get on the flight, and a few days before in fact, I like to prepare my skin for the low humidity by using a moisture rich moisturiser and lots of it. Moisturisers help to seal in moisture on the skin but really (don’t shout at me) syrums and oils are where the magic happens.

Before I would get on to any serum or oil however, I like to use a spray toner. These can be used for an extra boost of hydration during the day or even to keep you refreshed on the plane. Some flights seem like forever and a nice spray can help perk you up, there are so many types. I would love to take my Omorovicza QoHM (review here) but the glass bottle is just way too heavy for carrying on a plane. Instead, I’m opting for my MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist. It’s the perfect carry on size, the amount is under the liquid volume allowed (its 70ml), and the pure rose floral water is the perfect pick me up during the flight and for carrying around in your handbag on holiday. Not to mention the smell, gorgeous.

In Flight Skincare Products

In Flight Skincare Products

Back to serums and oils, I’d recommend taking one of each. Typically these products would have a higher concentration of all the ingredients that your skin is crying out for. This time I took my trusty Hydraluron serum for extra hydration. I would have loved to take my favourite oil which is my Clarins Blue Orchid treatment oil, although again, its a glass bottle and isn’t something I want to be worrying about carrying round, as much as I think the oil is AMAZING, just not in flight material.

Now one thing that’s missing from my flight essentials kit is a mask. To be honest, I feel like with a mask on top of the products I’m already using, I’d probably be scaring any passengers near me who would already think I’m being a drama queen. Secondly, I have yet to find a mask that dries clear, or maybe one that you can “sleep in” and doesn’t really need removing. Know any? I’d love to hear.

That’s it for my in-flight essentials! What do you think? What are your top picks? Ps any recommendations for Chinese or Japanese beauty products would be awesome!

Love, Anisha xox


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