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Bath salts are something of a new find for me and a great one at that. If you’ve read any of my previous bath / shower product posts before you’ll know that I like to treat myself to nice bath and shower products and bath salts are a whole new world of fun.

Bath salts are typically made of water soluble minerals and come in many different makeups and scents. For example, you may have already heard of Epsom Salts, a product that is known for working wonders on detoxifying. Others have more of an aromatherapy impact and can be great specifically for relaxation and unwinding, or even for cleaning purposes.

I recently bought 2 varieties of bath salts from L’Occitane. One being more of a luxury product which is the Roses de Reines gentle bath salts and the other being the Relaxing Bath Salts by L’Occitane Aromachologie.

L'Occitane Bath Salts

L’Occitane Bath Salts

Roses de Reines smells absolutely divine. I’m usually someone that prefers lavender over rose scented products, however as I have so many lavender based scents now I thought I’d go for the rose, also because it has a really unique, strong and calming scent which I imagine works wonders in a hot bathroom.

The Relaxing Bath Salts from L’occitane’s Aromachologie range are made from a blend of lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium, how great does that sound. The blend is created to de-stress, relax and calm the senses.

I’m really keen to try these out and Im sure I’ll love both of them, they both smell amazing.

Do you use bath salts regularly and what do you think about their effects?

Anisha x


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