L’Occitane Bath & Body Haul

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If you’ve read any of my previous hauls or are a regular to my blog, you’ll know I’m obsessed with luxury bath products! L’occitane products are no different, I love them all!

Christmas means new limited edition goodies and of course special Christmas packaging. This weekend I picked up a couple of soap bars from the Shea Butter line from L’Occitane as well as the luxuriously popular Almond Milk Concentrate body moisturiser.

I’ve previously bought and used L’Occitane’s Shea Butter shower cream (check out this post) and I love the scent this collection has. The Shea Butter collection is beautifully soft, creamy, yet light enough to have distinct fragrance. I’m hoping the soap bars are just as lovely as the shower cream. I’m usually a little skeptical towards trying out new soap bars (I prefer gels) because quite often the bars are too drying on my skin, but since I’ve had such a great experience with L’Occitane, I’m happy to give these a go. For Christmas, the bars are available in a set of 2 for AED 100.

L'Occitane Bath & Body Haul

L’Occitane Bath & Body Haul

I also picked up a new moisturizer, this time from the Amande (Almond) collection. This was bought on a complte whim as I was browsing, my god it smells amazing. Similar to the Shea Butter collection, the Amande Milk Concentrate is also a light, creamy yet distinct fragrance. This product stood out to me because of the gorgeous glass packaging and all the points of sale’s text mentioning all the awards the product has won. In comparison to body butters, or even some other moisturisers, the consistency of this moisturisr is EXTREMELY light. I love this. I really don’t enjoy thick products on my skin and often find that they take too long to sink in, I’m sure those with super dry skin would prefer thicker products. However, with this moisturizer, it’s absolutely ideal for anyone with normal – slightly greasy skin. When I tested it in store, it absorbed in to my skin within seconds and smelt so great, it’s easy to see why it’s won so many awards and has so many glowing reviews, seriously give it a go, if not, just go and smell it!! It’s so beautiful.

Keep an eye on the blog for an upcoming review of both products!

Love, Anisha xox


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