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In the last couple of weeks (aged 6-8 weeks during this time) my son’s been developing a keen interest in colours and sounds. During this key development leap, newborns rapidly develop their senses, he’s certainly been more interested in the world around him and what’s going on compared to his first month. (Read the full update on month 1 developments here and month 2 here).

We have countless teddys round the house to keep him entertained, so many were gifted to us at my baby shower and many we had bought ourselves. Despite having all baby areas bursting with fluffiness, there was only 1 teddy he’s really been interested in and that’s a vibrantly coloured teddy with a jingle we had bought, he just absolutely cannot stop staring at this teddy. Although my little one hasn’t fully developed his hand eye co-ordination just yet (it’s still too early), and can’t reach out and grab, his sense of sight and sound is extremely sharp. For that reason, and knowing this is likely to develop further (along with the need to grab) combined with his increasing need to be entertained, I jumped online with my credit card at the ready, goal: colourful newborn toys. This is when I came across Lamaze Toys.

Lamaze Baby Toys

Lamaze Baby Toys Haul

Lamaze produce a wide range of fun, developmental and playful products for newborns right up to 24 months. The “developmental” and “fun” aspect is what I admire about the brand. My son’s clearly looking for fun and entertainment and something that’s going to help his skills and senses develop is clearly a winner for any parent.

When browsing online, I bought a couple of products to try with my son. One for the cot/pram, others for the cot and others for general playtime.

First up was the Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Toy. This has SO many great reviews online and it’s clear to see why. The firefly is super soft, has so many colours and comes with a variety of textures to help explore baby’s sense of touch as well as a jingle when rattled. This also comes with a “Lamaze Link” (the plastic circle) to help attach the toy to play mats, prams etc for on the go.

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

I also picked up the Lamaze Night Night Owl. With sleep time I’ve found it really tricky with night lights, getting him to settle etc and have been looking for something to use to help me see what I’m doing / not wake up the husband / not wake up the baby after a feed but still entertain him when required. Tough hey? Let’s see how the Owl gets on. It projects a variety of coloured lights and plays soothing lullabies, I’ll come back to you on how well it helps the little one sleep / keep him entertained (and the hubby ;).

Last up and just because I thought they’re such a good idea, I picked up the Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattes and Foot Finders. Little sock-like toys for babies right from birth. My little one is always waving his hands around so I’m sure this will really spark his imagination!

The detail on all of the toys are wonderful as is the superior quality of the materials, you can really tell that a lot of thought has gone in to making the toys with different textures and sounds for little ones.

Lamaze Toys In Detail

Lamaze Toys In Detail

All of the toys are so entertaining whilst helping to learn and develop at the same time. I can’t wait to see how my son gets on with the toys, there’s so much more I’d like to buy him! Have you tried anything from Lamaze Toys? What are your favourites?

Love, Anisha xox



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