Kactus by The Precious Drop

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The Precious Drop is a new skincare company founded by Asmae Lemniei right here in Dubai. Asmae has had a wonderful, colourful life-story and on that journey has picked up a number of international beauty and cultural traditions that led her to set up The Precious Drop. The business focuses on premium, organic skincare all derived from cactus seed oils.

I’ve done some research myself in to the benefits of cactus oils (or otherwise known as prickly pear seed oil) and love what I hear. The oil is light to the touch which is essential when it comes to skincare. There’s still many of us with the wrong perception about putting oil on your skin, it made me want to shudder away when I first tried facial oils a couple of years ago (cleansers, balms, treatments). But I tell you this, a good facial oil is a life changer.

Kactus by The Precious Drop

Kactus by The Precious Drop

As part of my skincare regimen, I use the oil on my face about twice a week and usually in the evenings. I would thoroughly cleanse my face, sometimes apply a night mist (if I’m feeling extra diva) and then follow up with a couple of drops of The Precious Drop. I don’t find the need to wear moisturiser at night on top of this oil, I don’t feel my skin needs another layer unless I’m having a super dry skin day (which I haven’t in so long and its probably because of these hydration packed treatments!!).

When I wake up the next morning my skin feels toned and plumped. I don’t have any redness or acne so I can’t say this has improved, however, one of the main benefits of The Precious Drop is soothing acne so this would definitely be worth a shot if your skin is acne-prone. I like that all the oil is fully absorbed in to my skin and I’m ready to kick start another day feeling like my skin has been hydrated. The oil is known to stimulate cell regeneration which is another reason I like using this whilst I sleep and let the product get to work. The more your skin can essentially “repair” itself, the easier it is to fight off nasty antioxidants from day to day lifestyles. Antioxidants can be anything from smoke, pollution, germs in the air etc. I’m definitely taking this back to London in a few weeks, “The Big Smog” all that pollution, not pretty.

I have yet to try this oil elsewhere on my body or on my hair but I definitely want to start off with trying it on my hair as a night oil or scalp treatment and see how this works.

The Precious Drop oil is available to buy online and currently retails for $59. If you’re in to luxury skin care and are looking for a treatment oil for the face, body and hair, do give this a go, there are so many great skin care benefits and the product is 100% natural and free of any chemical nasties.

Love, Anisha xox


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