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If you’re in to your high end skincare, especially French Skincare, there’s a high chance you’ll have heard of Institut Esthederm. Products are formulated with active ingredients including water & light which, with high tech formulations, are the fundamental elements of all of Esthederm’s products.

I’ve been lucky to try 3 products including:

  • Derm Repair – Restructuring Serum. Aimed at firming and smoothing wrinkles.
  • Active Repair – An eye contour cream aimed at reducing puffiness, preventing wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Active Repair – Wrinkle Correction Cream aimed at improving the skins texture, preventing wrinkles and keeping the skin radiance.
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Institut Esthederm Skincare Routine

Both the Active Repair eye cream and wrinkle correction creams are part of IE’s ageing correction line (previously the Restructuring  line).

Skin preparation is, in my opinion, the most important step of your skincare routine (if you really had to pick one!) it’s taking the grime off your face in the evening and making sure your skin is clean and fresh in the morning. IE have quite a few products in this range that vary in form between lotions, gels, foams and the popular Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser.

After cleansing, the next part of the skin prep routine is exfoliating. Esthederm have their very own Lightening Buffing Mask that can be used 1-2 times a week. I haven’t had the chance to try this so can’t comment, although I’ve heard it’s hugely popular. However, I have written a separate post all about the benefits of acid toning / exfoliation for the skin so if you’re interested, you can read that here.

After the skin preparation stage, that’s when treatments and serums are best used. This is because (morning or evening) once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed (this ideally should include a double cleanse, and that’s in addition to removing any make up) your skin is best “prepared” to aborb any other topical products. Serums and treatments are typically the most concentrated of any product as part of your skincare routine. However, the product you use really should depend on your skin type, age and concerns. You may either be interested in trying out ageing prevention products or correction products from Institut Esthederm’s range. There’s a great range for hydration, sensitivity and for skin purifying. For me, this is where Derm Repair comes in. The serum is used to regenerate and firm the skin by penetrating deep in to the skin’s support tissues.

You could choose to spray tone after the serum, if that’s something that you enjoy doing, or you could end your routine with your preferred moisturiser. I’ve been using Esthederm’s Active Repair cream and have really been enjoying using it. Active Repair rejuvenates and repairs the skin and long term effects are aimed at bringing radiance and luminosity to the skin. Prevention is always better than cure ladies!

Here’s the latest UAE retail prices for the 3 products mentioned:

  • Active Repair Wrinkle Correction Cream: AED 350 for 50ml
  • Active Repair Eye Contour: AED 250 for 15ml
  • Term Repair Serum Restructurant: AED 400 for 30ml

Products in the UAE can be found at Boots and binSina.

Love, Anisha xox


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