Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen Lotion

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If you’ve read my previous post on Herbline Essentials’ Skin Tonic you’ll know I love the philosophy behind Herbline Essentials’ products and the fact that their products are 100% totally natural and organic. Many of the products have Ayurvedic concepts and I’m all about that.

I’ve been writing, thinking and practicing what I preach when it comes to sun protection. I’ve already written a couple of reviews on my own sun protection range (I own so many living in Dubai, it only makes sense to share the good, bad and the ugly!) So I’m continuing with the SPF 40 from Herbline Essentials today.

Herbline Essentials Sunscreen Lotion

Herbline Essentials Sunscreen Lotion

As above, this sunscreen contains only natural ingredients, no parabens and absolutely no paraffins. Other ingredients include natural oils of almond, jojoba (both known for their skin softening properties) rosemary and carrot seed. Amongst these, other ingredients include Liquorice and of Zinc Oxide. It’s Zinc Oxide that provides the ultimate sun protection. Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral which is white and slightly powdery in form. It’s one of the safest ingredients to protect your skin from the sun AND provides both UVA and UVB benefits as well as other skin healing and astringent properties. The product does have a very gentle and slight herbal smell but this doesn’t irritate me at all and to be honest, the smell disappears after a couple of minutes or once you’ve finished with any makeup on top.

To use, I complete my skin care regimen in the mornings, including ending with a moisturiser before I move on to the sunscreen lotion. I love the fact that its a lotion which means you already know it’s going to be lightweight which I love. It’s true, the consistency is really thin, not runny but thin enough to be absorbed within seconds which is a big tick in the box. Secondly, its not greasy!! Hoorah! A good majority of my sun creams turn out to be really shiny and this absolutely isn’t which is such a major reason why I love this SPF. So many others claim to be ‘oil free’ ‘shine free’ yet they still are? (I’ve ranted about this before so will stop at that!). Not only can the lotion be used on the face but all over your body too whilst not making you feel at all greasy.  Being SPF 40 also means you have a broad protection spectrum and can feel comfortable knowing your skins looked after. Naturally.

Love it, I know its going to be a favourite this summer 🙂

Anisha xox



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