Herbline Essentials Cucumber & Rose Skin Tonic

I love that Herbline Essentials advocate avoiding anything unnatural. All of their products are totally natural which means absolutely no mean nasties, something most brands can not state. All of Herbline Essentials’ products of course are paraben, paraffin & cruelty free. That should make everyone want to be interested, I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered these guys! Being a fan of skincare and learning about ayurveda, this is right up my street.

If you guys have read most of my skincare posts, tweets, instagram pics and comments in the past you’ll know that I’m a skincare obsessive. When it comes to toners, I do lean towards spray toners (partly just because they’re fun and make me feel like a bit of a diva each morning and evening spraying my face) but because of the reasons above, I’ve been giving the Cucumber & Rose Skin Tonic a go despite it not being a product you could easily spray directly on your face.

The Cucumber & Rose Skin Tonic of course is made from 100% natural ingredients. It contains spring water, rose water (known for it’s skin moisturising properties), cucumber extracts (ideal for cooling) and other skin benefitting ingredients. The toner is aimed at normal/dry skin. I would say it’s suitable for any skin type and the dry is most likely because of the rose and glycerin ingredients, however its really not going to be too much on you even if you have an oily skin type.

Herbline Essentials Skin Tonic - Cucumber & Rose

Herbline Essentials Skin Tonic – Cucumber & Rose

I like to use this as part of my morning skincare routine as I like the refreshing feeling that it provides, although not strictly, the rose makes this is also nice for evening routines. As part of my routine, I would cleanse my face with an oil to remove any make up (in the evenings) or sweat/dirt in the mornings, followed by my second cleanse. After my second cleanse I’d use about 3 pumps of the Skin Tonic on a cotton pad and wipe over my face. The pump is super easy to use. I like that the product comes with a good size lid (one that isn’t going to get lost and isn’t clear in colour so its easy to find if you’re like me and leave things everywhere!). The pump extracts just the right amount of product and isn’t at all messy so thumbs up on the packaging. Once I’ve swiped on my face, I like to follow up with eye creams, serums and moisturiser before heading out for the day or before bed.

I like how easy the Skin Tonic has suited my skin and fit in to my daily routine. I’ve heard so many great things about this product and the brand it’s easy to see why. My skin feels fresh and soothed after using the toner and I’d highly recommend the toner to my readers. It comes in a 120ml size and is available online via the Herbline Essentials website.

Have you tried anything from Herbline Essentials? What should I try next? Would love to hear your thoughts xx


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