Hakuhodo G5521 Brush Review

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If you’ve previously read any of my Japanese haul posts from my trip to Tokyo, you’ll know I ended up buying quite a few high end Japanese made make up brushes! I’ve written a previous post on my G503 (here) and will be working my way through brush reviews now that I’ve been using them for a few months and can write detailed thoughts.

First up on my list is the Hakuhodo G5521. As the name suggests, it’s part of the ‘G’ line from Hakuhodo and is made from a mix of blue squirrel and goat hairs. It’s quite a small brush if you’re someone that prefers short handles then this is ideal, measuring in at a length of 169mm in full. I’d say for that reason, it’s ideal for those with smaller features or even for beginners.

Many use the  G5521 for blush application, but for me I prefer to use this specifically for highlighting and under eye setting and that’s because of the size and preciseness of the brush and it having a perfect tapered finish, ideal for under eye and lightweight and narrow enough for highlighting. I may often may use this for light powder contouring too but tend not to prefer it for blusher or overall powdering (that’s when I prefer slightly wider brushes).

Hakuhodo G5521 Brush

Hakuhodo G5521 Brush

The G5521 for me is an absolute staple in my kit for highlighting and under eye setting. The length, brush hair size, application and softness is perfect. I’d highly recommend this brush, you’ll get a huge amount of use from it! It’s beautifully crafted and for me has maintained it’s shape after almost a year of very regular use and washing! Couldn’t be without it.

Love, Anisha xox



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