Hakuhodo G503 Brush Review

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The G503 Hakuhodo brush is labelled as a Blush Brush (G503 Blush Brush L Angled) however, it can also work great for contouring too as the angled design works perfectly on the cheeks.

G503 is part of the Hakuhodo G series, the series with the most variety of brush types and hairs. G503 specifically is made from goat and horse hairs. A combination of both hair types means the bristles are versatile and soft but has just enough stiffness & its the stiffness and flexibility that make a big difference to the effects that the brush has. This brush has a soft to medium density, it works well at picking up powder blush or powder contour/highlighter products and blends like a dream whilst being firm but soft at the same time. I do find I have to be a little light handed whilst picking up colour which is something I’m happy doing given the softness and high quality of the brush hairs.

Hakuhodo G503 Blush Brush

Hakuhodo G503 Blush Brush

The flat edge of the brush means precision for holding and applying product straight to the cheekbones (rather than laying flat) which provides great control, particularly for contouring or highlighting whilst laying the brush down will help you shade.

Remember that all Hakuhodo brushes are handmade and shaped which means the bristles are evenly shaped. You can see how neat they look from the picture below:

Hakuhodo G503 Brush

Hakuhodo G503 Brush Edge

The G503 handle is noticeably shorter than a MAC 129 brush. You’ll see below a comparison of the MAC 129, the G503 and an average ball point pen. I have to get used to the shortness myself but I like that the brush is more “make up bag friendly” by being shorter (a full length of 140mm), it does give you more control and I’m all for short handles now. The handle otherwise is made from wood whilst the ferrule is made from nickel brass/silver.

Hakuhodo G503 versus MAC 129

Hakuhodo G503 versus MAC 129

Overall a fantastic, high quality, great results brush. I personally use this brush daily for blusher and sometimes for contouring or highlighting, it is a great multi-tasker and would be lost without it. The great quality makes applying make up a dream, definitely holy grail brush status!

Love, Anisha xo


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