First Trimester Skin Changes & Personal Experience

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My first trimester is almost over as I write this post (5 days to go). It’s fair to say I had totally let go from my usual strict beauty regimen, it was all change beauty and body wise.

I’ve ALWAYS had strict skincare routines day and night but pregnancy in my first trimester really stopped me in my tracks. If you’ve been pregnant or are currently pregnant you’ll probably know what I mean. From around week 5 I started feeling all the typical first trimester ailments; extreme tiredness, wanting to nap all day, sore boobs, nausea and severe loss of appetite. The last thing I wanted to do was treat myself (although in hindsight, it probably would have been quite nice a break if I had the energy!).

This week I’m starting to feel more energised and back in to the swing of things, feeling like myself again! 🙂 So I wanted to write up a post specifically related to skincare during the first trimester.

I have been feeling really sensitive to smells, and not the usual smells I like or dislike, so I’ve tended to opt for super basic skincare and cutting back on my fancy masks or strong acids.

Your skin goes through a hell of a lot of change during pregnancy. There’s up to 50% extra blood being pumped around your body, not to mention hormones in overdrive. The most common skin conditions you could be experiencing are: Stretch marks, pregnancy “glow”, acne, linea nigra, skin tags to name a few.

I would say my skin is fairly “normal” most of the time with the odd breakout here and there (definitely when it used to be that “time of the month” – check out this post). During pregnancy and the first trimester. My skin was really well behaved up till around week 7. I became drier than usual and around week 12/13 my skin has really broken out I have so many more pimples on my forehead and dotted round my chin and nose. Not nice. Apparently the extra hormones in your body cause your oil glands to secrete more oil. More oil of course means you’re prone to acne.

1st trimester skincare

My 1st Trimester Skincare

I’ve continued using my Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil as I find it gentle and not too drying on the skin, this is my 4th bottle, I love this stuff  day or night. Other than that, to try and calm any irritations, I’ve also been using my La Roche Posay Serozinc. Now if you’ve read my blog post on Serozinc, you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan but I’d try anything right now to calm my skin.

I’ve been avoiding acids as I’ve heard they can penetrate a little too far down and may enter the blood stream, which, when Pregnant is of course a risk. So I am on the look out for a good but gentle mattifying astringent, any tips?

I’ve kept to my usual moisturiser for the day, my Clarins Multi Active Day Cream, I love this stuff and my skin’s been used to it for the last 6 months so I’m happy with it. As we’re talking Clarins, I recently also bought a new cleanser from the brand, the “One Stop Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser”. I’ve used it a couple of times, not religiously. To be honest I bought it because I had read great things and heard it smells like oranges. (To me it smells like cleaning products and not oranges…) I haven’t been loving it so far but am willing to give it a good try, watch this space.

Other than that I honestly haven’t been rushing to my masks, serums or oils just because of how sensitive and well, tired I’ve been.

What have you been using during your first trimester and how did this change in your second? If you’ve been pregnant before or just generally have any skincare advice, I’d love to hear!

Speak soon,

Anisha xox



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