Eye Creams In Your 20s & Starting Early

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Eye cream, not something all of us have in our skin care routine and something many of us question. I myself wasn’t in to eye cream for a long time until I studied skincare and my beauty teacher told me I’d regret it as I age. Strong words from a skin care guru.

Many people say you should start using eye cream from at least the age of 24/25. Of course not all of us are born the same, we’re all made up of different DNA, genetics and skin types. What skin type/condition I have may not necessarily be the same as you.

The main benefits of eye cream in your early 20’s is 1 thing and 1 thing only, hydration. In your early 20’s your skin is still young, supple and able to bounce back easier from any irritations, scarring, spots etc. As you age, your skin loses this ability to heal and repair itself. This then leads to scars not fading, the skin becoming saggier, wrinklier, etc. It’s the body’s way of not being able to flush out toxins, repair itself or bounce back to how it would have in your early 20’s. Something we all have to look forward to! Nice. Thanks skin.

Eye Cream Collection

Eye Cream Collection

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about naturally ageing apart from the route of cosmetic surgery or a lot of make up, lets be honest. So what we’re really looking at is prevention in our 20’s. An eye cream that hydrates is the key and anything else (unless you’re super concerned about other factors e.g darkness, puffiness) is a bonus. I’ve tried a few eye creams for dark circles and now come to find that they’re a bit of faf. If you have dark circles, a regular lymph drainage will do the key and lots of water, otherwise your best friend is a good matching concealer, I just don’t think eye creams can reverse pigmentation, we’re not there yet.

Hydrating creams that I have previously tried or am loving using and would recommend to other women in their 20’s would be those pictured above which are part of my current routine (you can tell I like to mix things up!) Of all the above, my current favourite is the Body Shop Eye Concentrate, it not only hydrates, prevents wrinkles and smooths, but the cold rollerball application feels amazing in the mornings.

What is your current eye cream and what do you use it primarily for?

Anisha xx


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