Everything I bought when we began baby weaning

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As a first time mum and a bit of a control freak, I started researching and planning everything I needed to buy to start our baby’s weaning journey off at 6 months. I’m currently in Dubai, so a lot of the products and recommendations I’ve heard or read about are either marked up in price considerably or not available in the UAE. I was lucky enough to have my family fly over from London just before we started weaning so of course they had to bring (literally a whole suitcase of) products with them, it saved me a fortune, despite everything amounting to nearly £200. Having a baby is damn expensive, although in hindsight, there are a 1 or 2 regrets.

Here’s everything I bought:

Food Storage:

Mushy Mushy silicone freezer tray with 9 easy to remove pots. – This is a gem, I use it to store any extra fruit or veg medleys we’ve made. However, I do find the lid a little flimsy, especially if we’re not using all the pots but need to remove the whole lid. On the other hand, food pops out really easily which is a winner.

I also bought Anabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds, I thought these would be fantastic for…. breastmilk lollies! Haha, never would I have ever imagined this is what I would be doing, lol. Of course you can make any lollies using these moulds, I have yet to try them but am looking forward to giving these a go.


Annabel Karmel Food Masher & Bowl – ok, not necessarily a necessity but this is a great product. I’ve used it to mash up fruit that doesn’t need to be cooked, so avocados and bananas. The masher is really easy to use. At the first stage of weaning though, I did have to siv everything even after mashing though, just to be extra safe. This could also be used in place of a blender, but I have yet to try that.

Someone online recommended the Summer Infant Tiny Diner to me, I can’t remember who, I’d love to thank them! This product is ace. It’s a roll out mat that you can use at home on the high chair or on the go. It rolls up neatly and is very travel friendly. It’s flexible, easy to wipe and has a catch area for any spills. Apparently kids can eat straight off the mat too.

Philips Avent Baby Food Steamer and Blender – best. thing. EVER. This little piece of equipment is simple and fabulous. It’s raved about by so many and is easy to see why. I use it pretty much everyday for steaming or blending, depending what’s on the menu. It’s extremely easy to use and clean. I only with the blending was a bit quieter.

I needed to buy bowls and plates and didn’t have a clue where to start. I’d heard about the brand Munchkin and decided to buy a bundle – the Munchkin Two Snack Catchers with 6 Pack Soft tip Spoon and Stay Put Suction Bowls. Phew. Bowl’s that stick with a rubber grip and colourful baby safe cutlery, result. These are working very well for us, I use them daily and sterilise in between. The spoons are getting a bit worn with my little one’s teeth appearing very soon, so I’ve been using new ones when they’re looking a bit worn. I hope Munchkin is available to buy in Dubai!

Mum and Dad bought us the Mamas and Papas Bumbo Seat. It’s a great alternative to a high chair and has actually served the purpose. I’m pretty pleased that the bumbo takes up way less room. It means the little one can sit with us whilst we’re eating too, we just perch the seat on our dining table and he loves being closer to us rather than sitting in his rocker. It comes with a tray table and toys too so great for keeping baby distracted whilst we’re warming up his food.


I ordered Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner book after hearing great things about it online. It’s a really good read with photos and easy to follow instructions. Many of the recipes I’ve used have been from the book, there’s guidance on how and what to cook when, especially week by week meal planners which have come in really handy. A great read that I’d highly recommend.

I feel like I’ve bought a lot of stuff but at the same time, we are using everything and I’ve come to accept that babies just need a lot of things (my apartments looking like a colourful rainbow explosion). I hope my list helps other mums, I’d also love to hear any recommendations on products that make weaning easier or handy recipes.

If you’re interested in how our weaning journey started, check out this post or our 6 month baby update.

Love, Anisha xox

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