Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner

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I have typical combination skin, dryer around the sides of my face, particularly my cheeks, and an oily TZone that is prone to breakouts, nothing major, but here and there. This duo from Elemis is aimed at clarifying and repairing combination type skin as well as controlling nasty break outs, none of us like them!

The Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner contains a number of clarifying active ingredients, a major positive is it contains absolutely no alcohol, *my skin screams with happiness*. No alcohol of course means it’s super gentle on the skin whilst being clarifying at the same time, this is down to one particular ingredient “Sweet Betty Flower” which is a natural substitute for alcohol. Additionally, Lavender is of course known for its healing properties whilst soothing redness and inflammation from breakouts. All in all, a toner that helps rebalance the PH levels of your skin to keep it “normal”.


Elemis Lavender Balancing Toner

Elemis Lavender Balancing Toner

I use the toner as a second step in my morning skin care routine after using the sister cleanser from Elemis. Check that review out here. Similar to the cleanser, the packaging for the Balancing Toner is transparent which means you can see exactly how much of the toner has been used and how much there is left. I’ve been using the cleanser and toner for about 3 weeks now and not surprisingly the cleanser has gone down more than the toner has in this time, in fact I’m sure the toner will last for months which I’m really pleased about. It is a rather scary green colour but despite this it’s still gentle and pleasing to the skin I assure you! To apply, I spray 3-4 pumps on to a clean cotton pad and swipe all over my face. The product is absorbed really quickly and despite me being obsessive about my skincare regimen I’m still shocked to see grime on the cotton pad once I’ve finished toning, not sure if this is a good or bad thing! Guess it’s good that I’m getting cleaning out my skin even more. The toner is absorbed within a matter of seconds whilst I enjoy the calming lavender scent. Who doesn’t love lavender!?

I’m sure you could also spray the toner directly to your face or freshen up through out the day with it too. Usually I follow up with the rest of my morning skin care routine, moisturiser, SPF and make up if it’s a make up kind of day.

As with the cleanser, I’m really reeeally enjoying using this duo from Elemis, my skin has been really soft, happy and in great condition which makes me very pleased J


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