Dermalogica’s Bestselling Hero Products

You’ve heard the saying, ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’. That’s my motto when it comes to skin care. Regular readers and followers of my social channels will know how much I adore Dermalogica. I trained using Dermalogica back in my beauty therapy days in London and have continued to incorporate products in to my own skincare routine for the last few years, including through out pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Today I was invited my the Dermalogica Middle East team to learn more about Dermalogica’s “hero products” essentially the best of the bunch. Dermalogica is all about healthy skin through innovation, education and professional recommendations. No frills, no messy, complicated products, just skin care that works. (Really).

Dermalogica Training Academy

Dermalogica Training Academy

1. precleanse:

First up for the hero products is precleanse. A one of a kind product that can be used for anyone, all skin types. It’s an essential first step to removing make up and prepping the skin for your routine to have maximum impact. Precleanse contains a beautifully refreshing blend of olive, apricot and kukui nut oil (remember if you’re allergic to nuts this is something to be cautious of). Once emulsified with water, it transforms in to a milky consistency that works amazingly well at removing any debris from the skin allowing all your other products to be absorbed. If you’re going to be investing in great skin care, of course you want products to actually penetrate and work! I love this stuff so much I’ve already written a full review a while back, check it out here.

TIP: Use precleanse to remove stubborn make up, even waterproof mascara

2. Daily Microfoliant:

Daily Microfoliant was the second hero product of the day. Again, another one of a kind product – a daily exfoliator. Exfoliating is one of the routines we can all do that has maximum impact on our skin above anything else. Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is gentle enough to use every single day. It’s a rice based exfoliating powder product that activates and foams up when mixed with water. No harsh scrub, no irritation, just exfoliating that works. I personally used this product for about a year before I became pregnant, however, it contains salicylic acid, so ladies that are pregnant, please avoid this.

TIP: Mix up your cleanser with microfoliant to double up as an extra product that gently cleanses, brightens and exfoliates. 2 in 1, boom. (Easy for women on the go with no time in the mornings!)

3. Special Cleansing Gel:

Special Cleansing Gel was next. OMG, probably my all time favourite Dermalogica product. I’ve had used up 2 bottles of the 250ml sizes before I thought you know what, let’s just buy a full 500ml. No regrets, I use it every single day without fail. In the morning I use it in the shower, a pea size amount goes a long way (so the 500ml is going to last AGES). It doesn’t strip the skin but yet still leaves you feeling like you’re skin has been thoroughly cleansed (and it’s totally soap free). A full review will be online shortly so watch this space.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel & precleanse

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel & precleanse

4. Active Moist:

Next up Active Moist. A super lightweight moisturiser that absorbs so easily in to the skin, it’s oil free and suitable for any skin type. Because of it’s lotion like consistency, I’d say this would be extra special for those of you with oily to normal skin. It contains silk amino acids, lemon, ivy, watercress and can also be mixed with boosters for extra performance.

5. Dynamic Skin Recovery:

Dynamic Skin Recovery sPF 50 was the next hero product. Another moisturiser but this time part of the “age smart” range for mature skin. This moisturiser can be used in the evening and during the day, although I’d recommend to make most use of it during the day, given the added SPF value. Peptides, white tea and unique oleo some technology help to encourage elasticity and keep the skin supple. It also contains a huge dose of vitamin C, a “superfood” for collagen production which as we know, reduces as we age causing ageing in the skin.

Did you know: By the time you’re 30 year’s old, your skin loses approximately 1% of it’s collagen yearly. Guess how old I am in a few weeks time? Eek.

6. Super Rich Repair:

Super Rich Repair is a best selling moisturiser for those with particularly dry, flaking or ageing skin. Rather than hydrating, this product stimulates collagen and soothes and calms irritations. It’s luxuriously thick, if you’re skin is oily or normal, this one’s probably not for you. For those of you with dry skin, I’m sure you’ll love this product to sooth you from any tightness you may be experiencing.

TIP: Try using Super Rich Repair on your elbows, hands and feet for extra smoothness. Why not?!

TIP: Use this product after any chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment, it will feel luxuriously thick and will provide an added essential layer of protection and pampering for the skin.

7. Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30:

Next up is the skin perfect primer spf 30. It’s a newer product from dermalogica that combines both cosmetic and skin care benefits in one. Celebrity make up artists love it as it hydrates the skin whilst providing a beautifully silky texture that primes the skin before make up (a result of silicone and pearl powder). It also has strong anti ageing ingredients and a dose of my favourite; hyaluronic acid. An ingredient that retains water keeping the skin hydrated for longer.

TIP: If you’re lucky enough to have great skin and not need much foundation or just don’t like the feeling of foundation on your skin, the Skin Perfect Primer also contains a tint that adapts to your skin, providing super sheer, lightweight coverage. Another tip, don’t go to close to the eyes with this one, it might sting!

Dermalogica Skincare

8. Age Reversal Eye Complex:

Age Reversal Eye Complex was the next hero product. Aimed at targeting concerns of the eye area including fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. It contains retinol at 0.1%. You might think that’s a tiny amount, but it’s a significant amount of retinol for the eye area. Because of the retinol, this eye complex is aimed for use at night. If you did want to use it in the day, do make sure you’re using plenty of SPF on top to protect yourself.

TIP: If you’re not used to using retinol, first try using the product every alternative night rather than every day to allow the skin to adapt.

9. Overnight Retinol Repair:

Last but not least, another newbie, Overnight Retinol Repair. Another retinol based product used more as a treatment. This cream boosts skin renewal whilst reducing visible signs of ageing in the skin. It’s actually 2 products in one; micro encapsulated pure retinol and a moisturising buffer cream. When you first start using the product you’re advised to mix the buffer cream with the Retinol for more of a milder application. You can then start to reduce the amount of buffer cream as you’re skin adapts to the retinol and you’re able to get on with it. Unlike the Age Reversal Eye Complex, the Overnight Retinol Repair contains 0.5% retinol, enough for use on the face (not the eyes).

TIP: Avoid using retinol 3 days prior and 3 days post any waxing, laser of peel treatments as it can cause huge irritation in the skin.

TIP: Also avoid any retinol products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

That’s it for my review of Dermalogica’s hero products! I’ve tried many of these myself along with a few other personal favourites (including Skin Smoothing Cream, Skin Hydrating Booster, Solar Defence Booster, Skin Hydrating Masque (the list goes on). I can honestly say Dermalogica’s products are simple yet effective. There really is a whole routine ready for anyone regardless of your skin type or problematic concern so I urge you to try a few samples and see how you get on.

Keep an eye out for more in depth dermalogica product reviews and in the meantime, if you have any favourites I haven’t listed above, I’d love to know!

Love, Anisha xox


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