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How Dermalogica Has Stuck By Me

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, or follower of my social media channels, you’ll know that I’m a huge ambassador of the Dermalogica brand and their suite of products. I’ve personally been using Dermalogica products for almost 4 years now and even trained with Dermalogica back in London when completing my Beauty Therapy NVQ exams.

My skin has gone through a bit of a rollercoaster in the last couple of years since becoming pregnant (and all the hormonal changes that follow, – read about that here). I then had my baby 11 months ago and am still adjusting to mummy life whilst continuing to breastfeed. It’s fair to say my skin went from “normal” to temperamental. I feel like I don’t know my skin as well, and even today, it’s different everyday. What is “normal” skin anyway?! – I say “normal” because I never had any changes with my skin up until pre baby. Even during puberty, surprising enough. My skin was even, spot free, sometimes an oilier Tzone if I’m working out (ha!) or in hot conditions, otherwise generally pretty well behaved. Oh I miss those days. Despite this, I’ve always been a strong believer in a good skin care routine.

Since becoming pregnant and to this very day, I’m overly cautious about what goes on my skin. That’s why I’ve stuck with Dermalogica, I know them, my skin knows the products and I feel comfortable and at ease knowing that I can keep my skin care simple, yet effective. None of the faff please (Mums, you hear me!).

What is Dermalogica Face Mapping?

Face Mapping is the term Dermalogica use to describe their analysis in to the skin’s past and present. Interestingly, the background to Face Mapping dates back to Chinese methodology, whereby the Chinese believe that skin provides an outside view in to the internal health of one’s body. There’s similar Chinese and other ancient concepts when you consider acupuncture, massage and even tongue analysis, all of which I find fascinating. Face Mapping in detail is a specialist review of 14 mapped out zones of the face and neck in order to assess any concerns (congestion, comedones, dryness etc.) and prescribe treatment or suitable products.

Dermalogica Face Mapping

Dermalogica Face Mapping

My First Face Mapping Analysis in 2 Years

I was excited to get my Face Mapping treatment the other day, it’s been so long and I was keen to hear about the products I should be using to maintain and look after my skin as well as stepping in to a facial treatment for the first time in years.

I described the changes in my body to my therapist. I.e that my hormones have been up and down and that I’m lactating too. I wanted to understand the impact on my skin and how I should be treating it. As part of Dermalogica’s ‘Every Face Tell’s A Story‘ campaign, I enjoyed describing my face, my previous and current approach to skincare, as well as hearing and tailored advice on how I should be looking after my skin.

As I’m breastfeeding, I was advised by the therapist to avoid essential oils too much. Essential oils can act as a trigger to the body. Not only emotionally but physically too. I’ve previously written an introduction to essential oils here if you’d like some more background. Ladies, please consider this if you’re also breastfeeding your little ones.

The treatment that followed was a luxurious facial including a thorough cleanse, extraction and mask. All treatments are 100% customized to your own needs, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitized skin or would just like to plump up those ageing wrinkles.

Dermalogica Every Face Tells A Story

My Dermalogica Facial – Step by Step

The full hour facial treatment included:

  1. Thoroughly removing any make up and cleansing the face of any dirt and grime – the therapist used Pre Cleanse for this step
  2. A double cleanse, using Ultracalming Cleanser. I’m actually really pleased with Ultracalming, I usually use the Special Cleansing gel and have been really happy with it (read more about that here), but Ultracalming was also advised by the therapist for me to use given that my skin has become more sensitized recently and Ultracalming may also be slightly more emollient.
  3. Steaming the skin to open up the pores. This felt so warming and relaxing, I’d started to drift off!
  4. The aim of the steam was to assist in extraction. I have to admit, this is the part I feel least comfortable with! But at the same time, most satisfying! The therapist at this time removes any comedones in the skin. As I hadn’t had a facial in a while, I admittedly had quite a few!
  5. After all the extraction and the steaming, it was time to tone. Steaming opens up the pores (to make it easier for step 4), so toning almost acts as the essential step to close up the pores again, and typically, this is applied cold, to have an extra impact and “shock” the skin – in a nice way of course!
  6. Next up was a face mask. In my case the therapist also applied a booster – the Skin Hydrating Booster. Dermalogica’s most powerful dose of hydration, it’s amazing, a few drops goes a long way.
  7. After the booster, a mask was applied to my face. It felt so lovely, I was surprised to feel the mask over my eyes too, but it felt quite nice.
  8. After cleansing the mask off with a warm towel over the face, it was time to tone up again. By this time I was seriously drifting to sleep, facials are just so relaxing!
  9. The therapist then applied Skin Smoothing Cream to my face to lock in all that moisture.
  10. To finish, Intensive Eye Repair was applied around the orbit bone (the bone around the eye). TIP: you can also apply Intensive Eye Repair to your lips to soften them!

That’s it, a custom facial in 10 steps.

I’m eager to continue on with my staple Dermalogica products, skincare that has stuck by me through so many changes over the last couple of years.


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