Clinique Haul – SPF, Eye Creams, Face Scrub & Chubby Stick

I was so excited with the latest Clinique products I picked up today, I had to give you a sneak peak before I try them and write my full reviews. I’ve been on the lookout for a new eye cream since my Bobby Brown Hydrating Cream has been running low and have been hearing good things about Clinique’s Even Better Eyes product, gotta admit, it’s probably the shiny metal applicator at the end that really appeals to me though, cool metal around the eyes, oooo. So as I was trying out the product the consultant told me there was a special offer of a goody bag of products if you bought 2 Clinique purchases together. NEVER SAY THAT TO A BEAUTY BLOGGER! So, yep, that was it. All the other Clinique posts and raves I’ve read and heard all came back to me swimming around in my head. I decided to try out the Even Better SPF 45. After swatching it on my skin and double checking that it didn’t turn chalky (pet hate for SPFs) it was a done deal. So I walked away the proud owner of my Even Better eye cream, Even Better SPF and a gorgeous summary bag, anoooother free eye cream, facial scrub, make up remover and a Chubby Stick (I’ve always wanted to try these!) Whoooop. I’ll be trying out these products over the next couple of weeks to give them a good shot before reviewing again.

Clinique Haul, Eye Cream, SPF, Chubby Stick, Make Up Remover

Clinique Haul

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