Cinq Mondes Spa Experience – Kempinski The Palm Dubai Review

Every woman deserves a trip to the spa don’t they? With Valentines day coming up, (not that we need a reason!) I wanted to write about my recent experience at the Cinq Mondes spa at Kempinski Hotel on The Palm – Dubai for all my local Dubai followers or women thinking of visiting Dubai.

I made a booking for the Ayurvedic massage at Cinq Mondes without any expectations of how this would be as it was my first visit to the spa (and the Kempinski hotel!). Both are lovely, as you approach the hotel you’re greeted by friendly staff who are more than happy to guide you to the spa location. Once in, we were greeted and ushered to a waiting area where my friend and I were given beverages and hot towels as a welcome gesture.

Upon entering our treatment suite, we had a beautiful changing area to undress and wear our robes, there was also a large bathroom with a bath and a shower for post-massage relaxation. Once ready, we entered the massage area where our therapists were waiting.

I had already informed the staff about my stiff shoulders and neck so was happy that these were the main focus areas of the body massage. The pressure was perfect (I enjoy quite hard and strong pressure) and I was pleased that the therapist kept checking that the strength was enough for me.

After the massage, we were given as much time as we needed to get dressed and were then invited to have another break and enjoy some tea before leaving and enjoying the rest of our day by the pool and at the beach. What a life.

Cinq Mondes

Cinq Mondes – Kempinski The Palm Dubai

The Ayurveda massage I had chosen is specifically designed to ease stiffness in muscles using ancient, Indian healing movements and oils that I really enjoy. I have written a few posts about essential oils before so if you’re interested, please go check them out. If you’re suffering from muscle aches and pains I would recommend essential oils of pepper, peppermint and lavender to name a few. (Don’t forget to mix these with a base, I like vegetable oil or sweet almond).

It’s difficult for me (as a trained therapist) to enjoy a massage if it’s not up to my expectations (combined with my knots you could say I’m a little high maintenance :p) however, I was so pleased with the whole experience at Cinq Mondes and will definitely be returning for another massage. The staff, treatment and experience on the whole was fabulous and I’d have no hesitation recommending to friends in Dubai.

Anisha xx


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