Chanel 216 Lettre Rouge Coco Stylo Review

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I was browsing through the aisles of Sephora Dubai Mall a few weekends you do (as I do most weekends) when I spotted the Rouge Coco Stylo lipsticks. I swatched a few of them and was most drawn to the shade 216. To cut a long story short, they didn’t have any in stock! 🙁 Typical. I went to Debenhams, Paris Gallery and Bloomingdales, again no stock. What’s going on?! Of course I then had to make it my mission in life to find the shade 216. The sales assistant at Bloomingdales said that 216 was actually the most sought after shade in the Middle East and is regularly sold out. It wasn’t until almost a month later I found one that had just come in stock at Paris Gallery, hoorah!

Chanel 216 is a beautiful, creamy lipstick. It sort of feels like a 3 in one product, a balm, gloss and lipstick. If I had to pick one flaw it’s that it doesn’t last too long on the lips. Probably because of how moisturising it is. Of course if I wanted longevity I’d need less moisture and more matte which isn’t what the product’s about.

The shade 216 is a gorgeous dusty rose / coral colour, I’ve yet to find anything like it. It feels sheer but has an opaque finish and applies absolutely beautifully smooth with a high shine gloss. Like I mentioned above, unfortunately it doesn’t last too well on my lips, maybe about an hour to two hours at a stretch.

Chanel 216 Lettre Rouge Coco Stylo

Being so intensely creamy, it can be difficult to apply. You could use a lip brush (and probably should) but I go straight from the bullet / pen. I love the packaging, I find it really sleek, although the store assistant did warn me not to pop up the product too much as there’s a known risk of breaking the stick or squashing it with the lid. Recently I’ve been combining it with a Sephora brand lip liner (it doesn’t have a name!) and I find the two go really well from a colour match and longevity perspective.

I wear this lipstick through out the day and at night for special occasions. It’s really easy and goes with pretty much everything outfit wise. It feels beautiful on the lips and is a total princess product! If you’re near a counter go and check it out, if it’s in stock you’re in luck!

Love, Anisha



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