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Caudalie have just released new editions to their Devine Oil range including two new treatments, Devine Legs and Soleil Devin, both designed to give you glowy summer skin, just in time for those Christmas parties! Who said summer was over 😉 No harsh rays and no self-tanners. The Soleil Devin also provides anti-ageing protection for added benefit. So it’s healthy AND gives women the illusion that they’ve spent the weekend in the sun – perfect. More so for my UK readers where the temperature is now below 10 degrees celsius!

Devine Legs for us Dubai ladies in particular, is a product we can use all year round to help maintain moisture whilst giving our legs a beautiful, sheen summer glow. It’s a silky lotion that works on all skin tones providing a natural tan after just 1 minute on the skin (of course the more you apply the deeper the tan). Included in the lotion is a beautiful concoction of Caudalie’s renound grape oil, Chicory extract, Carob extract and a heap of omega 6. All of these combined are aimed to prevent moisture loss whilst copper and gold pearlisers leave behind an iridescent sheen. It’s easily removed with water, so to apply, I’d recommend going for a shower and then applying. If you can scrub in the shower, I always find this helps too.

Caudalie Devine Legs

The Soleil Divin is an anti ageing cream for the face including a whopping sun protection with factor 50 – LOVE! I’m all about high factor skin care. This not only contains SPF 50 but protection against both UVA and UVB all within a transparent, non sticky finish. Have I said it’s matte yet? It’s matte! It’s so difficult to find a non greasy matte SPF, for me this is a total god send. I have normal/combination skin but I hate the greasy look and feel that pretty much every other SPF leaves me with, I’m a matte SPF lover all the way.

Caudalie’s original Devine Oil (a cult favourite) is now also available in 100ml sizes. Devine Oil is a dry oil for use all over the body (even hair) that combines grape, organ, hibiscus and sesame for a subtle, floral fragrance (it smells amazing).

Caudalie Devine Oil

All of these products are available at department stores and selected pharmacies. Here are the latest UAE retail prices:

Caudalie Devine Legs (100ml): AED 180

Caudalie Soleil Devine Anti Ageing Sincere SPF50 (40ml): AED 164

Caudalie Devine Oil (100ml): AED 164


Love, Anisha xox


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