Calvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria Review

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First up, O.M.G. When I first smelt this, I got an instant rush of excitement, that voice in my head was screaming with happiness, (you know the one), I instantly fell in LOVE with this fragrance, it’s absolutely divine and right up my street

For those of you that like woody, deep, sensual scents, this is a fragrance you would love just as much as I do. Calvin Klein describe the fragrance as:

…With a dry down of sandalwood, liquid gold euphoria warms the senses with its rich and powerful scent. the fragrance opens with a hint of cinnamon, creating a lavish, exhilarating, feeling that deepens with the mystery of black orchid…

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold -

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold

With my UK, British hat on, I would say this fragrance is ideal for evenings out and fancy do’s. With my Dubai hat on, I would say this works well any time of the day or night! In fact, it is a typical, beautiful, luxurious Arabic scent, that I know local women here would love too, very “Middle Eastern”. It doesn’t contain Oud, but has top notes of cinnamon, mid notes of black orchid, and base notes of sandalwood. I think it’s the sandalwood and black orchid that does it for me. The sandalwood base is also the base used in the mens version which compliments the women’s perfectly, as expected. However with the mens version, there’s also mid notes of saffron, giving it a slightly different, yet still luxurious, powerful scent.

Moving on to the packaging, again just as premium, the fragrance comes in a matte gold bottle with the Liquid Gold name and Calvin Klein branding embossed nicely on the lid. It comes in an Eau De Parfum formula, with a 3.4pz/100ml size, you’re getting a good amount and yet literally one spray will be enough for the whole day. It’s one of those scents that lingers for hours so a little certainly goes a long way.

The fragrance retails in the UAE for AED495 (around £90, although sorry British friends, this is a Middle East exclusive!) If you’re lucky to get your hands on one of these fragrances, you’re a very lucky girl!

Love, Anisha xox


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